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August 25, 2008
 5:30 p.m.
 Board Room  

I.  Call to Order Ms. Parsons

II. Introduction of the Outstanding Employee of the Month Ms. Parsons
September – Jorge Rodriguez, Clinical Financial Analyst, Decision Support – Vice President Finance Ken Hopkins

III. Employees of the Year Introduction Mr. Whitaker

• Terry Godwin – Coordinator Laundry/Linen Services – Environmental Services

• Tim Putnam – Help Desk Support – Health Information Technology

• Kimberly Schat, RN – Charge Nurse – 4-North

• H. Don Summers – Lead Tech Surgical Instruments – Central Supply

• Stacey Markcum – HR Assistant – Human Resources, Moore Medical Center

IV. Approval of the July 28, 2008 Minutes  (Tab 1)
ACTION NEEDED:  Approve or Amend Minutes as Circulated

ACTION TAKEN:  ___________________________________     
V. Clinical Quality Indicator Updates Darin Smith (Tab 2)

ACTION NEEDED: None, Information Only

VI. Approval of the July 2008, Norman Regional Health System Financial Statements 
    Melvin Alexander (Tab 3)

ACTION NEEDED:  Approve or Disapprove the July 2008, NRHS Financial Statement

ACTION TAKEN:   ____________________________________                                    

VII. Planning Committee  Dr. Ingels

A. Report from the August 11, 2008, Planning Committee

 ACTION NEEDED: None, Information Item Only

VIII. Finance Committee Dr. Burcham (Tab 4)
  A. Report from the August 18, 2008, Finance Committee   ACTION NEEDED:    None, Information Item Only
B. Recommend Capital Equipment Purchase Requests (Pg.50)
 ACTION NEEDED: Approve or Disapprove Capital Equipment Purchase  Requests.
 ACTION TAKEN: _____________________________________              

C. Master Lease Agreement RFPs (Pgs. 52-55)

 ACTION NEEDED: Approve or Disapprove Master Lease Agreement RFPs as Recommended by the Finance Committee

 ACTION TAKEN: _____________________________________  

D. Medical Office Building Finance  (Pgs. 57-59)

  ACTION NEEDED: Approve or Disapprove the Medical Office Building Finance as     Recommended by the Finance Committee

  ACTION TAKEN: _____________________________________  

IX. New Business

 A. Discussion Regarding Continuing Use of Board Portal Mr. Whitaker

X. Administrative Report  Mr. Whitaker

ACTION NEEDED:     None, Information Item Only

XI. Audience Open Discussion

XII. Proposed Executive Session. Ms. Parsons

A. Proposed Vote to Convene an Executive Session to Discuss the Annual Evaluation of the CEO

ACTION NEEDED:   Move to Convene into Executive Session to Discuss with Legal Counsel the Above Referenced Items

ACTION TAKEN: ____________________________________


B. Request to Adjourn Out of Any Such Executive Session and Return to Regular Session
 ACTION NEEDED:   Approve or Disapprove Adjournment of Any Executive Session and Return to Regular Session

ACTION TAKEN: ____________________________________

C. Proposed Vote to Approve Annual Evaluation of CEO and Any Compensation Change

  ACTION NEEDED: Approve or Disapprove Proposed Vote to Approve Annual Evaluation of CEO and Any Compensation Change as Recommended by the Governance Committee

 ACTION TAKEN: _______________________________________

XIII. Board Open Discussion

XIV. Closing Comments Ms. Parsons/Mr. Whitaker

XV. Adjourn

ACTION NEEDED:   Motion to Adjourn the Meeting

ACTION TAKEN:  _______________________________________


Norman Regional Health System will provide quality and compassionate health care services and education to our regional community in a responsive, efficient, and safe manner.

Norman Regional Health System will improve the quality of life in our regional community.

2007-2008 Strategy Statement:
Norman Regional Health System will provide leadership through the development of action steps to achieve and be recognized as the health system of choice for patients, physicians, and employees; the healthiest regional community; and the health system with the best facilities and quality outcomes.

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