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Welcome to the ongoing conversation between current and former patients at Norman Regional Health System. We believe in the power of community to enhance the healthcare experience, and we encourage all of our patients and caregivers to respectfully share here. Thank you for being part of the conversation.

Very blessed and thankful to NRHS by Family Member of Patient*

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My family and I want to be sure that the ED doctor, nurse, department aide, and EMSSTAT paramedics that cared for our mother, know that we appreciate their exceptional kindness during what ended up being our last moments with her.

Mom was transported to the ED from an assisted living facility after a fall. Dr. Bradford performed tests and it was learned that she had a broken shoulder. The nurse was so kind in making sure that mom didn't experience pain and the aide was very gentle when immobilizing her arm/shoulder. We appreciate the EMSSTAT paramedics who were so helpful in transporting mom back to Rivermont. Mom passed during the night at the assisted living facility, but we feel very blessed that the experience at Norman Regional was one of kindness and patience – she was greeted and treated by smiling faces.

While waiting for transport by EMSSTAT, mom opened her eyes, pointed to Heaven and said that she kissed daddy good night. Mom then closed her eyes and went back to resting peacefully with a smile on her face. Our dad passed last February and it is believed that he was there to guide her.

I wish I knew the names of each of the emergency services individuals that interacted with mom that evening so that I could thank each by name. The experience could have been a very different one, but it wasn’t…and for that, we feel very blessed and thankful to NRHS.

Excellent Environment & Care by Alishia*

Monday, March 7, 2016

I am from Kansas and was recommended to NRHS from a friend four years ago for a specific surgery. Was there for about a week, had excellent care with caring staff. Four years later, needed another surgery and knew the Dr. that performed my last operation could perform this one as well. They made my stay comfortable and made my hubby welcomed there too. Thank you to all of the staff and medical profession for being there!

Quiet, Clean, Calm, and Happy! by Yolanda*

Monday, February 22, 2016

I just wanted to say Thank You to all the staff at Norman Regional Health System. Your hospital and staff are top notch. Some of the things I noticed about your hospital is how quiet it was, how clean it was and just how calm and happy the staff appeared. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have worked in many places and know that when the services are excellent, the staff must be happy. So hats off to all the administrators as well. We will always be grateful this hospital serves our community.

Wonderful experience by Tina Ward*

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I had a wonderful experience during my stay. I had wonderful nurses and assistants. The names I'm not sure if I remember correctly but Weston, Tamesha (I'm not sure on that name). They were the nurses and then Christie was an assistant.

AMAZING group of people! by Family Member of Patient*

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I am writing to inform you of the AMAZING group of people that work in the Radiology Department at the Porter Campus. My daughter is 14 years old and autistic and had to have a swallow study performed. Both my husband and I thought that this was going to be a challenge and most likely a fail but we were wrong.

From the moment we went through Registration and waited to be called to go to the Radiology Department, every employee we encountered was so compassionate and understanding with our daughter (she didn't want to wear the hospital wrist band, and we were told "No problem, let's not upset her").

Then, Patricia came to get us and she was so kind and patient with our daughter even when she was crying and saying "No". Patricia even showed her what was going to occur during the swallow study by getting on the machine and demonstrating everything!

Aaron, another technician, came in to check on my daughter (most likely because he heard the noise) but he was so nice and told her how good of a job she was doing and gave her a high-five.

My daughter still did not seem like a "willing participant" but it wasn't until Matthew came in the room. (It just so happens that the name "Matthew" is her favorite name). Matthew was AMAZING, once he realized that she liked his name, he asked her "to drink the orange drink for Matthew and let Matthew take a picture of your stomach".

I cannot say enough good things about the people in the Radiology Department. And the most wonderful part is the technicians did NOT know that I was an employee, they were just great people doing the "right thing" for a special needs child and her parents!

I wanted to pass along such a positive experience that we had in the Radiology Department at the Porter Campus, I am very proud to be working at a place that has such AMAZING employees! Please send my most sincere Thank You to the Radiology Department at Porter; they were appreciated more than they will ever know, in both their actions and words!

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