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Welcome to the ongoing conversation between current and former patients at Norman Regional Health System. We believe in the power of community to enhance the healthcare experience, and we encourage all of our patients and caregivers to respectfully share here. Thank you for being part of the conversation.

Quality, that's what we are talking about. by Former Patient

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I am a (Person with Diabetes) PWD and have been a volunteer, advocate and patient of NRH for over 30 years. In other words as a diabetic I have considerable experience and some knowledge as a basis to share the following with you. Tonight I attended our diabetes support group meeting where the topic was ‘Family Involvement, How to be Prepared for the Unexpected.’ The focus was toward the diabetics family support helpers usually a spouse. The presenter, organizer and leader of our Pumpers Support group was Susan Pacific, RD/LD CDE from your Diabetes Education Center. Let me tell you in all these years I have never attended a better, more organized, more helpful event than the one tonight. It was simply outstanding, really helpful, and worth the effort to bring to your attention. Quality, that's what we are talking about. We learned from each other and we learned from Susan. Thanks so much for the 'Center' and such wonderful staff like Susan.

Thank You! by Daughter of a Patient

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My mother was hospitalized overnight last week for stroke risk testing after experiencing a TIA. The Emergency Department nurses and physicians and the 4 North nurses and nursing assistants were all very professional and helpful. All were very nice and went the extra mile to answer questions and make our mother as comfortable as possible during her hospital stay. They also made sure my sister was comfortable during the night she spent in the room with our mother. We appreciate the care our mother received during her stay and the wonderful employees who participated in that care. I wish I had thought to write down the names of all involved so they could each receive a thank you!

Meals and Service are Excellent! by HealthPlex Patient

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My first need of this facility began June 16, 2014 as ongoing congestive heart failure and heart attacks occurring during admission. Cath lab treatment became LAV4 (Left Heart Catheterization Left Atrial/Ventricular stenting). I was awake and coherent during treatment and recovery. I now want it recognized by this note that 6/16/14 began 8 days and now 6/28/14 to today your meals and service are excellent. Thank you to the staff here. In gratitude and with great respect….thanks to you all. A Happy Man and God Bless.”

Your hospital certainly impressed me! by Former Patient

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I liked the fact that report was given in my room. My (RNs) were great. I am a RN and now a former patient at your hospital. I am aware of "good patient care" and I would highly recommend your staff and hospital to others. Your hospital certainly impressed me!

Service Above and Beyond by Cheryl Smothers

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I recently spent 3 days at the Healthplex for a Total Knee Replacement. The staff couldn't have been more congenial and professional. They checked on me constantly and were there within minutes any time I needed something. The nursing staff and aids were friendly and a joy to be around. It didn't matter which shift they were on they all went out of their way to make sure I wasn't in pain or needed anything. I have a very unusual diet and was extremely worried about the hospital and staff's willingness to adhere to it. I shouldn't have been worried. They were understanding and more than happy to accommodate. The Physical Therapy group should also be commended. They were professional and more than happy to not only give pain :-) but praise as well. As much as anyone can enjoy a hospital experience this one was definately a positive experience. I was up and driving within 3 weeks and off the walker about 2 days after coming home. My therapists were extremely impressed with my speed of healing as well as my mobility. I attribute it all to an excellent doctor (Dr. Schultz) and a skilled medical team and facility. Thank you.

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