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Welcome to the ongoing conversation between current and former patients at Norman Regional Health System. We believe in the power of community to enhance the healthcare experience, and we encourage all of our patients and caregivers to respectfully share here. Thank you for being part of the conversation.

Exemplary Performance! by Former Patient

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Recently, I was a 'customer' in the Norman Regional Hospital Outpatient Infusion Center, my treatment requiring my presence for approximately six hours. During this time, I observed that NRH has a remarkably efficient and patient -friendly professional ("Julie") who managed the care and procedures for a variety of patients and got the job done without any wasted time or motion. NRH is fortunate to employ one so dedicated to service and I appreciate the opportunity to report this exemplary performance.

Very Attentive to my Needs by Current Employee, Recent Patient

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I had the privilege of staying as an inpatient in the Porter Campus last month. As much as I hated having to be in the hospital for the first time in my life (other than when I was born) it was a pleasant experience. I started out in the ED and my memory of that short stay is foggy but Dr. Wells, Dr. Fitzpatrick, Ryan, and Mike S. took wonderful care of me there. Dr. Vogel took over while I was in the hospital and was very attentive to my needs and had wonderful bedside manner. He went above and beyond in alleviating my wife's anxiety and was very efficient in his care. The nurses (Amanda, Cherry, Jason, Judy, Kilta, Jenny, and Pam) were very pleasant and took great care of my needs and anticipating future needs. The aides (Diana, Tessa, Jennifer, Lerlene, Brandon, and Tina) were also very pleasant and responsive to my needs. Sherry and Jackie in PT were wonderful as well. Brooke from case management did a wonderful job in helping with post-hospitalization expenses. Rhonda from EVS did a wonderful job in keeping my room in great condition - my wife can tell you that isn't an easy job with me around! I tried to remember everybody's name but I am sure I have left somebody out because I know there were many people behind the scenes that were involved in my care. I think, overall, a big 'Thumbs Up' for my stay.

An Incredible Team! by Current Employee and Patient

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I would like to sing the praise of my co-workers and this incredible hospital staff in general. On November 7, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and within minutes the staff on my unit were by my side offering support and helping me process what I needed to do next.

Karen in the Breast Care Center was able to meet with me right away to give me information to help me process what was happening and decisions I needed to make. Dr. Chace opened his office hours early in order to provide an earlier consultation with him and get the ball rolling. Dr. Thorp has been kind, understanding, and swift in her treatment plan. Every appointment was made quickly and I felt very informed of what was happening to me and around me. From the day I found out to the day of my first chemo was a record setting 19 days, I am grateful that everyone involved understood the importance of moving quickly and making me feel like the highest priority. I have visited MRI, nuclear medicine, lab, the breast care center, outpatient surgery, outpatient infusion center, among multiple other areas I am sure to be leaving out, every area has been a pleasant experience in light of the seriousness of the situation.

I am impressed by the level of compassion all around, the staff on my home unit has gone above and beyond to assist me in every way possible including ordering shirts that support my cause and donating PTO's to assist me when time off is needed above what I have available, checking on me daily, an outpouring of love and support that is a true testament to the level of care and compassion that is housed within these walls.

Today I was again humbled with a generous gift from the care committee, offering items to make this Christmas more special for my family as we travel this new territory again showing the tremendous amount of love and caring spirit abundant at Norman Regional. I am truly blessed to be part of this team in both members I know and strangers that have offered the best parts of themselves. I have been blessed to have a list of doctors, nurses, aides, unit clerks, case managers, administrators, transport staff, housekeeping, PT, OT, among many other areas reach out and offer any and all support they have to offer.

I wish I had more to offer than my heartfelt gratitude, I will win this battle then my next task will be to figure out how to truly pay forward to any and everyone I have been lucky enough to meet along this road. Thank you for building such an incredible team.

Doctors and Nursing Staff Became Family by Current Employee

Friday, November 22, 2013

I have worked for NRHS for over 20 years, and while I have always felt pride in saying that-this past month has shown me a different side of our hospital and I wanted to share with you my experience.

My 56 year old brother-in-law went to the doctor on September 20 because he had been having severe headaches and just hadn’t felt right for a few days. Once they ran some blood work he was told to go straight to the ER and they admitted him directly to the oncology unit. Within a few days he was diagnosed with leukemia and began 7 days of chemotherapy 24 hours a day. The doctors and nursing staff were amazing and took such wonderful care of him and my sister and their two daughters. My family was there with him day and night for 33 days and that hospital room became their home, and the doctors and nursing staff became our family. They joked with us, and cried with us and rejoiced with us when things were looking like he might actually get to go home this past weekend. However, last Monday he developed complications and was moved to the ICU and died on Tuesday morning. Every staff member that we came in contact with treated ALL of my family with compassion and respect and were truly heartbroken along with us when we knew he would not survive.

I want to say thank you to the nursing staff on the oncology unit-I can’t remember all of their names but they were all wonderful. Some of them were there crying with us at the funeral last week when we told him goodbye. Thank you to the nursing staff and case management staff that sat with my sister until I could get to her on Monday, and kept coming back and forth to keep us updated of his condition every few minutes. And thank you to the staff in ICU that took great care of him those last few hours of his life, and allowed us to stay there by his side until he passed. They allowed my family to say goodbye to him and never once complained that there were too many of us, or that we were in the way.

And thank you to the maintenance guys that came up to his room in the beginning of his hospital stay and hooked up his 35 inch TV so he could watch his beloved OU football team play on a bigger TV screen.

And thank you to Dr. Thorp and Dr. Bacchus, and Dr. Camp and all the other doctors who worked so hard to make him well, and cried with us when we knew there was nothing else we could do for him. Their compassion and level of care was amazing and made a very difficult situation for my sister and their daughters a little easier. I know there were MANY more doctors and nurses and staff that took care of him, and while I don’t know everyone’s names, I do know that everyone worked together as a team, and took care of my family like it was their own, and they ALL made me so proud of our hospital.

'Always' Treated with Exceptional Care by Current Employee

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My family has had the opportunity to experience the services of Norman Regional Health System four times in the past seven months…thanks to the wonderful sport of football. One of those times was through the ED, one for radiological services and twice in Same Day Surgery. I would like to express the pride I felt, as an employee of this organization, for the outstanding treatment, compassionate demeanor and safe care we received during each of our visits. No one, who cared for us, knew I was an employee. Each of my co-workers was doing their job with the positive, caring attitude I know they have with everyone that visits our facilities. If there was anything more they could have done, I don't know what it would have been. From registration to release, we were 'Always' treated with exceptional healthcare. Our people are doing a great job and we are all blessed by their efforts!

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