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Feed a Family of Four for Under $50 A Week

Feeding a family of four is no easy feat these days. According to the Department of Labor the average American family of four spends $102 dollars each week on groceries alone. During these tight economic times budgets are getting busted and re-written.

Norman Regional Health System is helping Oklahomans lower their grocery bills and still get the needed nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. On April 18th, registered dietitian Keri Hale will be holding a nutrition event to show shoppers how to feed a family of four for under $50 a week.

The Eating Healthy on a Budget event will be held at the Homeland located at 1251 Alameda Street in Norman. It’s free and open to anyone. There will be a store tour to teach participants how to pick healthy and budget-friendly foods. Each participant will also receive a week’s worth of menus, recipes and corresponding shopping lists.

“This event will give people the tools to plan their meals, save money, and feed their family healthfully – all for less than $50 a week, “ said Lindy Beswick, coordinator of Community Health and Wellness for NRHS. “A dollar buys 1,200 calories worth of potato chips but just 250 carrot calories. It’s important for people to take the time to learn how to not only shop on a budget but how to utilize their money wisely to buy nutritious foods as opposed to empty calories.”

Each participant will also be entered in a contest to win all the grocery items needed for a week’s worth of meals, a generous donation from Homeland. If you are interested in taking part, please register by calling HealthLink at (405) 440-8802.

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