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Diabetes Patient Speaks Out About Taking Control of the Disease

NORMAN - The Centers for Disease Control estimates that more than 20 million Americans have diabetes — six million of whom are unaware they have the disease. Alarmingly, more than 50 percent of diabetes patients are not in control of the disease.

At 6 pm on September 15 patient Stephan Ellis will be sharing his personal experience with living with diabetes during Norman Regional Health System’s September diabetes support group meeting. The meeting will take place in the hospital’s Education Center located at 901 North Porter in Norman.

Stephan is a member of the sanofi-aventis A1C Champions Program®, which is a patient-led approach to diabetes education. A1C Champions® know first-hand the challenges and obstacles to maintaining control of their diabetes. They share diabetes self-management and lifestyle strategies based on extensive training and their personal experience with diabetes.

Stephan will talk about topics including:

  • Achieving good glucose control
  • Learning about effective self-management
  • Developing a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Planning and prioritizing diabetes management
  • Overcoming fears surrounding diabetes
  • Finding resources for diabetes support

If you or someone you know is struggling with diabetes the A1C Champions® can provide motivation to take those first steps to a healthier life. Diabetes patients need to know they are not alone and there are people like Stephan who can help them along their journey with diabetes.

Registration for the group meeting is not needed. One-on-one interviews and photo opportunities are available with Stephan Ellis.

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