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Meals On Wheels Names Route for Health System

Meals on Wheels of Norman has named one of its routes after long-time supporter Norman Regional Health System.

The route was renamed in March and serves clients on the northeast side of Norman, where the hospital is located. The Norman Regional Health System Route name will appear on delivery sheets used every day to let clients and volunteers know they are on and deliver for a route supported by the Health System, said Summer McGuire, associate director of Meals on Wheels of Norman.

“Meals on Wheels is honoring our community partner – Norman Regional - by naming this route after them. The Health System has been a constant and valuable ally and now our volunteers and clients will be reminded each day of their investment in the community,” McGuire said.

Norman Regional’s partnership with Meals on Wheels began in 1983 when the hospital prepared meals for those on restricted diets. In 1995, the hospital added regular meals as well. Norman Regional Health System staff prepare and package about 300 meals a day for Meals on Wheels.

“Norman Regional Health System is honored to serve the Norman community through our collaboration with Meals on Wheels,” said Paul Pape, Norman Regional’s director of Accommodation Services. “Working in healthcare, it’s in all our employees’ nature to care about others. Knowing each meal will not only feed a hungry person, but also bring a light to their day, is the greatest reward.”

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