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VHA Inc. Names Norman Regional Health System a Leading Practice Hospital

VHA Inc., a national healthcare alliance, has recognized Norman Regional Health System (NRHS) as a leading practice hospital for its work in pneumonia prevention and treatment through effective use of vaccinations and timely antibiotic administration for patients with pneumonia.

As a leading practice hospital, NRHS will work with VHA clinical experts to develop an electronic blueprint that maps out all of the steps that have been proven to lead to the most effective and efficient care for pneumonia patients.

A team of VHA clinical experts will visit Norman Regional Hospital on October 24th and 25th to study and document the clinical processes NRHS follows for pneumonia care. The VHA team and the NRHS team will collaborate to develop the blueprints, ensuring that the blueprints outline transferable knowledge and practice patterns. Once the blueprints are developed, VHA will disseminate the blueprints to 1,400 VHA hospitals nationwide and encourage them to incorporate the practices into their patient care patterns.

“We’re honored to be recognized by VHA for our efforts to improve the quality of care we offer patients in our community,” said David Whitaker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norman Regional Health System. “Our medical staff members are devoted to seeing that our patients get the very best care, and it’s gratifying to know that other hospitals around the nation will be encouraged to copy our behavior.”

“Pneumonia is life-threatening for many older patients, and treating it can be expensive due to the complications that arise,” says Trent Haywood, M.D., J.D., chief medical officer at VHA. "We know it will save lives and save our nation's health care system millions of dollars annually if hospitals perform at the same level as NRHS. The VHA blueprints provide hospitals with that opportunity."

Members of NRHS staff will be invited to present their leading practice information at a VHA Quality Conference in Orlando, Fla., in early 2008.

VHA Inc., based in Irving, Texas, is a national alliance that provides industry-leading supply chain management services and supports the formation of regional and national networks to help members solve clinical challenges. VHA serves 1,400 not-for-profit hospitals and more than 21,000 non-acute care health care organizations nationwide.

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