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NRHS "Fit Families" Program Wins Award

Norman Regional Health System’s “Fit Families” program is awarded a $5,000 American Heart Association Community Grant. “Fit Families” was recognized for it’s innovative approach to childhood obesity. This is the second year in a row “Fit Families” has been awarded this grant.

David Whitaker, President and CEO of Norman Regional Health System, “We couldn’t be more pleased for the ‘Fit Families’ program and our community. The American Heart Association has given us an opportunity to improve upon an already successful program.”

Janice Carr, Community Health and Wellness Specialist Health Promotion, stated, “We are so excited to be a recipient of the award two years in a row. With last year’s generous grant, we were able to include more families in our program. We also purchased educational materials and formed a relationship with the local YMCA. This year we will be able to offer two programs and purchase exercise incentives such as walking and workout videos.”

“Fit Families” teaches the entire family how to live healthier lives by educating them about proper dietary habits, ideal levels of physical activity, coping with stress, and building self-esteem. It is based on the concept that involving the entire family creates a supportive environment that encourages all members to become more active and make positive lifestyle changes.

Sonny Cavner’s 7-year old son Tim participated in “Fit Families”. He’s recommended the program to two other family friends. “Not only did my son learn about eating healthy and being more active, but my entire family benefited. We got involved in the YMCA and my son will be playing soccer this year.”

Families are invited to join the program if a child in the family is between the ages of 5 and 11 has a health screening at school and is identified as being overweight or at risk for becoming overweight. Physicians also may refer families to the program.

“Fit Families” has won awards from the Oklahoma Public Health Association and National Health Information Awards. It also has become recognized as a model program that can be replicated in other communities. This past year, it was presented at a national conference entitled “Healthy Kids, From Sea to Shinning Sea: A showcase of Childhood Obesity Programs across the United States”, and will also be featured at “Healthy Oklahoma, Practical Workshops for Healthy Communities”. These conferences teach healthcare promoters and educators how to implement unique and successful health programs within their communities.

For more information about “Fit Families”, call Norman Regional’s Community Health and Wellness department at 405.307.6603.

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