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New Technique Gets Oklahomans Back in the Game

A new technique is helping Oklahomans eliminate muscle pain and increase their athletic ability. MAT or Muscle Activation Technique helps people with a limited range of motion by neurologically strengthening their joints and muscles through both exercise and massage.

Thomas Thompson is a MAT-certified specialist who works at The Health Club, a gym owned and operated by Norman Regional Health System. Thompson said the technique starts with testing people’s strengths and weaknesses in particular muscle groups.

“Everybody can benefit from MAT,” Thompson said. “But people who are more proactive with their health and exercise will see a better outcome.”

Thompson has seen people seek MAT for a variety of issues such as shoulder injuries, knee injuries and, the number one complaint – back pain. He works with the University of Oklahoma women’s soccer team to help the team as well.

While MAT has been popular in larger cities, it’s now catching on in Oklahoma and the heartland.

“I know MAT-certified specialists in Oklahoma City who are booked solid,” Thompson said. “I’m seeing more and more people as well. Once they see the results, they tell their friends. It’s really spread by word-of-mouth.”

MAT sessions last about an hour and prices at The Health Club run from $60 for members to $70 to non-members. For more information or to schedule a class call 405-329-5050.

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