Vial of Life

Vial of Life

The Norman Regional Health Foundation, the charitable branch of Norman Regional Health System, is proud to announce a new program that will give you and emergency personnel quicker access to vital health information.

The Vial of Life is an easy way for you to store, and first responders to find, vital health information such as chronic diseases, allergies, medications and more. Vial of Life is a service provided for the south central Oklahoma regional community. It is funded by the Norman Regional Health Foundation and supported by the Norman Regional volunteers.

The program is simple. To participate you should:

  • Visit a designated Norman Regional location to pick up your free Vial – which is a prescription pill bottle with a form.
  • On the enclosed form, list any diseases, medications, allergies, emergency contacts, doctors’ names, etc.
  • Store the Vial in the top shelf of your refrigerator.
  • Place the provided sticker on front door and magnet on your refrigerator door, identifying that you have a Vial of Life.

Please keep the form updated. For example, if you change medications make sure to note that on the form. It is also helpful to include a photo of yourself or a brief physical description.

Find the Vials of Life at the following locations:

  • Norman Regional Hospital: South Information Desk, North East Information Desk
  • HealthPlex: Main Information Desk, Women’s Center Information Desk, Lab Registration
  • Moore Medical Center: Main Information Desk

Need a new form? Download a new, blank form.

If you would like to support the NRH Foundation by donating to fund programs such as this click here or call (405) 307-1077.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if more than one person in my home uses the Vial of Life? How will paramedics know which Vial belongs to which person if more than one is unconscious?

A. Please include a recent photo or brief physical description in your Vial. The form has a place for your age and gender which will also help emergency responders identify which Vial belongs to which person. Even if you live alone, a photo is helpful in case guests or visitors are also at your home during an emergency.

Q. How can I get a new form?

A. Click here to download a new, blank form.

Q. What if I have multiple refrigerators in my home?

A. Please place the Vial of Life in the top shelf of your kitchen refrigerator.