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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Oklahoma is having an outbreak of Sooner Fever! People with it can’t stop screaming “Boomer Sooner,” making OU motions with their arms or bleeding crimson.

Sooner Fever is highly contagious. It seems to be air-borne and spreads rapidly from fan to fan. The OU Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium has been identified as the location with the highest concentration of Sooner Fever – more than 85,000 cases have been reported on Saturdays during football season. Luckily, Norman Regional Health System staffs the Gomer Jones Medical Facility inside the stadium. They treat fans suffering from Sooner Fever as well as serious health issues such as dehydration, injuries and even cardiac episodes.

You can learn more about the Gomer Jones Medical Facility by clicking here. Want to learn more about #SoonerFever? Click over to NormanRegional.com/SoonerFever for the latest updates, photos and even a chance to win an OU football!