Friday, May 24, 2019

Justin Hunter, PhD(c), MPA, NRP, FP-C, a critical care paramedic with Norman Regional Health System’s EMSSTAT and an EMS Program Director and Assistant Professor for Oklahoma State University, is set to speak at The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Show 2019 in London.

The EMS Show is June 25-26 and is the United Kingdom’s largest event for emergency medical professionals.

Hunter, one of only a couple speakers from the United States, was asked to speak because of the research he is a part of as a PhD candidate at Monash University in Melbourne Australia. As a PhD candidate, he has one supervisor at Monash in Australia and one supervisor here – Michael Porter, MD, a board certified emergency medicine physician. He also works closely with Patrick Cody, DO, MPH, FACOEP, a board certified emergency physician and medical director of EMSSTAT. 

His research focuses on crew resource management and situational awareness. His talk at The EMS Show will be about situational awareness in paramedicine, in which the overall goal is when mistakes are made to find out why those mistakes were made, what it means, and how to prevent them. It’s a three-step process including recognition, interpretation and prediction. 

Hunter’s research is starting with OSU paramedic students then hopefully moving to EMSSTAT, he said.

“The research we’re doing is groundbreaking. Our goal is to do research that improves outcomes of patients, not just in the ambulance, but in the emergency room and the operating room. I want to prove this works in our environment, and in the end we could probably save some lives,” Hunter said. “I’m super excited to be invited to be one of the speakers. To be included is pretty humbling.”