Norman Regional Health System

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Migraine treatment options

The specialists at Oklahoma Headache Center have access to a variety of preventative migraine medications and treatments. In addition, when a patient has a migraine there are a number of new medications and innovative treatments that can be used to help manage the headache.

“The treatment of migraines has really evolved in the last couple of years. In addition to traditional oral medication, we also offer monthly injections, daily, or every other day medications. for those patients that qualify,” said Deniz Aktas, Physician Associate at the Oklahoma Headache Center. “One of our newest treatments is completely non-invasive and uses electrical currents to treat migraines. Our patients really like it, they put a neuromodulation device on their head to stop their headache for about 40 minutes and are able to work, cook, clean, and function while treating their migraine.”

The patient journey

At a patient’s first appointment, the specialists at the Headache Center take a full medical history and talk about what medications have and have not worked for them in the past. Together they come up with an individualized plan, first looking at lifestyle adjustments and then medication.

Migraine treatment varies widely and should include both medications that prevent headaches from happening and medications that can stop the headache when one gets one. Some of the medications the Headache Center can try include anti-allergy medications, muscle relaxers, anti-nausea medications, triptans, nerve block injections, and nasal sprays. Some of the preventives to help with the migraine include anti-seizure medications, anti-depressants, blood pressure medications, CGRP monoclonal antibodies, magnesium, and melatonin.

“We create an individualized treatment plan for each of our patients,” Deniz said. “We will work step-by-step with their insurance to make sure all of our patients get specialized treatment to both reduce the number of migraines they suffer and manage their pain if they do get one.”

If you or a loved one suffer from migraines, you don’t have to do it alone. Visit the Oklahoma Headache Center and begin your healing journey today.