Norman Regional Health System

Thursday, January 1, 2015

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson's words are especially true for the new Norman Regional Moore medical facility. Before our structure is built, the soil and foundation have been necessarily and carefully considered. That is because the foundation is extremely important to the overall quality and strength of the building. It is the most important work and basis of everything that comes after. If it is well planned and constructed, the building on top will be true and enduring - just like the spirit of our organization and community.

While construction proceeds on the new facility located at Telephone Road and 4th Street, we continue delivering the quality healthcare you know and expect from the convenience of our temporary buildings. Physical therapy, diagnostic imaging and laboratory services are available onsite and, during the first year of operation, we cared for more than 15,000 patients in our temporary ER. 2014 was a remarkable year for us, and the anticipation of progress in the coming year is truly inspiring.

If you are like most Americans, the beginning of a new year often brings with it the promise of new resolutions and commitments for health. Are you focusing on your health in 2015? If so, Norman Regional Health System is your ideal health partner.

Norman Regional Health System offers a variety of programs, classes and experts to help you reach your health goals and aid you in making healthy lifestyle changes.

For example, we offer QuitSmart tobacco cessation classes. This four-session program addresses all forms of tobacco dependency. The QuitSmart philosophy is that successful quitting depends more on skills and a firm decision to quit than willpower. A new program starts each quarter and is free to those who have been NRHS patients. With a physician prescription the program is only $10 dollars and is $45 for those without a prescription. Call HealthLink at (405) 440-8802 to sign up today. In addition, couples, families, businesses or groups of individuals may schedule the QuitSmart program to meet at another time by calling (405) 307-3175. Call today and say goodbye to tobacco and hello to a healthier you!

Our Diabetes Education Center is also recruiting for the next session of the National Diabetes Prevention Program. This is a free evidence-based program aimed at helping people with pre-diabetes prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. Participants meet as a group with trained Lifestyle Coaches and learn how to make important changes such as losing a modest amount of weight, being more physically active and managing stress over the yearlong program. The groups meet for 16 weekly sessions and six monthly follow-up sessions with a trained Lifestyle Coach. To learn more about the program or enroll, contact the NRHS Diabetes Education Center at (405) 307-5733.

In addition to these programs we also have many support groups and community classes. We offer everything from diabetes and breast cancer support groups and free yoga classes for cancer survivors to free health screenings like skin cancer. To see a list of upcoming groups and classes go to the For Patients section of our website at

Like the foundation of our new Norman Regional Moore medical facility, the appropriate and necessary work upfront will produce more beautiful and lasting results for you. Give careful consideration to the health components of your personal foundation. When your footing is solid and you take the first step – we’ll be here to support you. This is where the healing begins.