Sunday, March 1, 2015

Richie Splitt, Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, Norman Regional Moore & HealthPlex

Spring is upon us and with the new season comes exciting developments with the construction of the new Norman Regional Moore. The building's foundation has been poured and the walls for the conference space area are now visible. When completed, this space will also serve as a tornado-safe area for both patients and staff to use during severe weather. Eighteen foot columns are visible and the second floor decking is in place.

Another exciting feature of the new Norman Regional Moore facility will be the Art for Healing project commissioned through the Norman Regional Health Foundation. Brower Hatcher of Mid-Ocean Studio, located in Providence, R.I., is the artist selected to create the artwork named "Sanctuary". The Art for Healing committee, which was comprised of representatives of the Moore community, the city government, Norman Regional Health System, the Norman Regional Foundation board, donors and a professional art juror, selected Hatcher’s design from more than 100 art proposals submitted for the project.

Sanctuary was designed as a healing chamber in a three dimensional configuration of the Norman Regional Health System logo. With more than 2,000 crystal connectors, Sanctuary's prismatic light will have the effect of inducing feelings of hope and healing for the Moore community.

The individual steel rods represent doctors, nurses, medical staff, volunteers and residents of Moore. Like these rods, we are all strong individually. We are connected by strength of knowledge, caring, compassion and dedication as represented by the connecting hardware. As strong as we are individually, we are that much stronger collectively as we come together to make a unified whole.

The crystals work together with sunshine to form rainbows. These rainbows represent promise. We promise that we will welcome all patients. The rainbows also signify that the storm is over and the time has come to move forward.

These elements all combine to form a sanctuary. It represents protection and safety as well as a view of the outside where endless possibilities exist.

All of these components are grounded in the Norman Regional Health System as represented by the base structure.

Sanctuary isn't intended to be a memorial but rather a landmark acting as a symbol reflecting the community and health system's strength in rebuilding and moving forward from the tornado that destroyed much of Moore including Moore Medical Center on May 20, 2013. The sculpture will be located near the main exterior entry point of the facility. The artwork's construction will coincide with the medical facility’s construction offering a beacon of hope and healing for the future.

Meanwhile, as construction continues on the new facility we continue to offer the quality healthcare you've come to know and expect from us all from the convenience of our temporary buildings. The emergency department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offering full service emergency care. In addition, outpatient diagnostic imaging, laboratory and physical therapy services are also available onsite. Whether it is through the excellent personal service offered by our compassionate physicians and staff, the state-of-the-art medical facility or the healing through art – Norman Regional is where the healing begins.