diagram of WavelinQ fistula system

Friday, November 8, 2019

Norman Regional’s Vascular Access Center is the state’s first and only hospital-based center dedicated to patients needing vascular access.  Recently the center became the first in the Oklahoma City metro area to offer patients a new minimally invasive procedure to create an arteriovenous fistula (AVF).

No Need for Open Surgery

Dr. Daniel Isbell began performing this new procedure at Norman Regional using the WavelinQ 4F endoAVF system on August 1.  For end-stage renal disease patients needing arteriovenous fistulas for dialysis, this new procedure eliminates the need for open surgery to create an AVF.  Dr. Isbell said the NRHS Vascular Center created 400 AVFs last year.  He said the benefits of the new procedure for patients include less anesthesia, a small needle puncture wound instead of open surgery and reduced risk of scarring.  In addition, the new procedure opens four new areas to create AVFs. 

Quick Connection

The WavelinQ uses two catheters, one inserted into an artery and one in vein in the wrist or upper arm area.  The catheters use magnets to pull the artery and vein together.  Using the device, it takes only 0.7 seconds to make the connection.

Dr. Isbell said there have been fewer than 300 of this new procedure done across the country and Norman Regional is the first in the Oklahoma City area to use the WavelinQ system to create AVFs.

Dr. Isbell is a member of Oklahoma Surgical Associates. He can be reached at 405-329-4102. The Oklahoma Surgical Associates office is at 500 E. Robinson St., Suite 2300 in Norman, Oklahoma.