Norman Regional Health System

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Friday, September 25, 2020

Sale of Land Completed for Freestanding Emergency Room Plus

Norman Regional Health System is one step closer to bringing the best in modern healthcare to the fastest growing area in Norman. On Friday, September 25, Norman Regional closed on the sale of the 30-acre property that will be the site of a freestanding emergency department (FSED+) plus laboratory and diagnostic services, physical therapy, physician clinics and meeting space. The property is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Highway 9 and 24th Ave SE.

“This property acquisition brings us one step closer to making our Inspire Health vision a reality,” President and CEO Richie Splitt said. “The FSED+ is the first project of our Inspire Health Plan. It will improve our community’s access to the latest healthcare technologies and treatments. Healthcare services like these are essential to improving the health and wellness of those we serve, and we are excited to get started.”

The new facility is conveniently located next to an EMSSTAT station on Highway 9 and just 4.5 miles from Norman Regional Hospital and 10 miles from the Norman Regional HealthPlex, Norman Regional’s two acute inpatient hospitals. The new FSED+ property’s large size also allows for future growth of medical services and a planned development, including commercial businesses. 

City Council Re-Zoned Property

On Tuesday July 28, The City Council of Norman approved the re-zoning of a 30-acre property located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Highway 9 and 24th Ave SE. This approval is an important milestone for Norman Regional’s Inspire Health plan. The 30 acres of land is the site of the Health System’s Free-Standing Emergency Department (FSED) and will be the first building constructed under Inspire Health. Its size also allows for future growth of emergency services and planned development including other medical uses, commercial, and multi-family housing such as senior living.  

Expanding Healthcare Services

Norman Regional is committed to expanding convenient, high quality healthcare services for residents in east Norman and beyond. The first phase of the Highway 9 master plan property is the construction of a full-service Emergency Department plus laboratory and diagnostic services, physical therapy, physician clinics and meeting space. The design for the FSED+ and the land surrounding it includes walking trails, green spaces and water features. It is conveniently located on Highway 9, close to the EMSSTAT east station and just 10 miles from the HealthPlex acute, inpatient hospital campus.

“We are excited to launch Inspire Health in the fastest growing area in Norman,” said President and CEO, Richie Splitt. “Our goal is to be a good neighbor and provide services that better reach our patients and their families where they live, work and play.”

Multiple Projects Planned 

The construction of the FSED+ is part of a bigger, transformative plan for healthcare in the community called Inspire Health. The plan has five core components:

  • Construction of the FSED in southeast Norman
  • Expansion of the HealthPlex hospital
  • Ambulatory Care Center and Cancer Care Center construction on the HealthPlex campus
  • The revitalization of the Porter campus into a Health Village
  • A new, freestanding behavioral health facility located at the Porter Health Village

Rezoning Vote Launches Expansion Plans

The vote to rezone the property for the planned freestanding Emergency Department officially launches Inspire Health and further supports health and wellness on the east side of Norman.

We look forward to providing future updates on our other Inspire Health projects, the HealthPlex expansion, Ambulatory Care Center, Cancer Care Center and the Porter Health Village.