large group of people sitting in an auditorium

Friday, November 22, 2019

Norman Regional Health System hosted more than 200 emergency medicine residents, paramedic students and first responders at the Central Oklahoma EMS Conference Thursday. Patrick Cody, DO, created the event to fill the gap in continuing education opportunities for licensed paramedics. He also said it would be a great recruiting tool for EMSSTAT, the emergency services provider for the cities of Moore and Norman. Dr. Cody said the annual conference has been very well received.  

“Probably the most rewarding feedback came from one of the ER nurses,” Dr. Cody said. “After an EKG session, she said she had learned more about EKG in that 20-minute lecture than she had learned in nursing school. I took that as a nice compliment.”

The conference gives attendees the chance to learn from the state’s leaders in disaster medicine.

“This event helps us get the information the physicians want us to have and use it on patients for better outcomes when we get them to the hospital,” said Steve McCune, EMSSTAT paramedic and Oklahoma City firefighter.

Participants attended sessions on several topics, including trauma, cardiology and tactical medicine which ended with an active shooter simulation.

“We learned how to quickly make a tourniquet and how to move patients from the hot zone into the warm zone then cool zone so that they can receive the care that they need,” said Amber Sharp, OSU-OKC EMT student. “There was a lot of information that reiterated what I’d learned in class. I got a much better understanding of those concepts, and the exercise itself was actually a lot of fun.”

This is the fourth year Norman Regional has hosted the Central Oklahoma EMS Conference.