Norman Regional Health System

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Rebecca Bowlin has pride in her community.  She loves watching her grandkids play sports and has a demeanor and kind attitude that make you feel like you’ve spoken to her countless times after your first conversation. However, as we all know, COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate based on how kind-hearted you are and unfortunately, Bowlin tested positive in late 2020 for the virus. Along with the well-known symptoms of COVID-19, Bowlin reached a point where she began losing her motor functions and COVID-19 claimed her ability to walk. After being intubated and having to stay at Intensive Care Units in Ada and Shawnee, she started her road to recovery at Norman Regional’s Inpatient Rehabilitation facility.

“I was hesitant because I just wanted to go home,” Bowlin said. “My family talked me into going to Norman Regional and I could not have asked for better care.”

Being Without Family

Bowlin begun her journey to being able to move around again on her own, but this time she would have to face a new struggle of being far away from her family due to COVID-19, which she believed to be the most difficult part of it all.

“Nobody understands how important family is to the rehab process,” Bowlin said.

Family not being present has been the hardest part, said Kourtney Egge, DPT, Rebecca’s physical therapist when asked about adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Without family present, there is nobody to teach exercises to help patients with at home, there is less of a morale boost from being able to see family and ultimately it makes it mentally harder to be away from the ones you love for so long, which only adds to the stress of the rehab process.

Bowlin explained, “Your nurses and physical therapists become your family because you don’t have your own family around and you become so close with them while you’re there.”

Making it Back Home

These obstacles only add to how special of an accomplishment it is to make it through rehab right now when so many aspects of the process have changed. Bowlin was ultimately able to walk out of Norman Regional on her own and was able to begin physical therapy at home, which she is hopeful she will finish shortly.

“I’m making more progress every day and I’m just ready to finish physical therapy and watch my grandkids play baseball this spring,” Bowlin said. “If there is one piece of advice I have for someone starting their rehab process, it would be to listen to and trust your nurses and physical therapists. They won’t let you fall, they will have you walking and they will find a way.”

Norman Regional’s Rehabilitation Center provides services for patients that have gone through acute care with disabling illnesses or injuries, ensuring they have a safe and functional transition back to everyday life. With a highly trained team, state-of-the-art equipment and a compassionate spirit, Norman Regional is here to help patients on their journey home.

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