Norman Regional Health System

Thursday, April 26, 2018

It’s storm season in Oklahoma, which means you are probably making necessary preparations to keep you and your family safe. Although it is extremely important to be prepared for severe weather, it’s just as important to be prepared for what to do after the storm passes too.

Here are some tips for safety after a tornado:

  1. Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt and sturdy, closed-toed shoes when examining any damage.
  2. Be aware of hazards from exposed nails and broken glass.
  3. Do not touch downed power lines or objects in contact with downed lines. Report electrical hazards to the police and the utility company.
  4. Use battery-powered lanterns, if possible, rather than candles to light homes without electrical power.
  5. Turn around, don’t drown: Do not drive into storm waters that cover a road.
  6. Do not allow children to play in storm waters.

The most common injuries during a tornado include cuts, lacerations and bruising, according to physicians at Norman Regional Health System.

If you are in a tornado, remember to always check for injuries once the storm has passed. Do not attempt to move seriously injured people unless they are in immediate danger of further injury. Get medical assistance immediately. Remember to dial 911 in an emergency.

Norman Regional Health System has three Emergency Rooms located in Norman and Moore. EMSSTAT, the ambulance provider for the cities of Moore and Norman, is also owned and operated by the health system.