Norman Regional Health System

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

During their Tuesday and Thursday weekly classes, the group has become a family supporting and encouraging each other to work hard. Debbie and Stacy are their fearless leaders who show such compassion and support to help the participants stay motivated and successful. Debbie is known for her great sense of humor and ready to give out big hugs. Debbie passionately said, "Rock Steady boxers are such an inspiration to me and each other. It's been a great experience watching them improve so much!"

The program that launched 4 months ago focuses on core strength, improving balance and posture as well as flexibility and speed. For those not living with Parkinson's, some routine tasks are taken for granted. On the other hand, Parkinson’s causes hands to tremor and creates some significant balance issues. Many participants agreed that something as simple as putting on your clothes became a difficult undertaking. It was very liberating when their balance improved enough to step into their pants on your own without needing support. It is an important accomplishment not taken for granted.

According to Bob Pritchard, who started at the initiation of the program, he was reassured about his progress when he ran into a friend who he had not seen in 6 months. The friend immediately recognized his overall improvement. He received a big hug from Debbie with that announcement.

In addition to the encouragement among the class participants and leaders, there is another constant support system known as the corner men or corner people. This boxing term was affectionately given to their spouses, family members and friends who ensure the participants are able to get to class, help with exercises outside of class and are there when a helping hand is needed.

The Rock Steady program is already having such a positive impact on so many people. It is not too late to join this exciting program. The classes are open to anyone diagnosed with Parkinson's Diseases, however, in order to participate, an initial assessment is required. The Health Club is located at 3720 W Robinson St #124 in Norman. To inquire about the cost of the assessment, class fees or equipment, you may contact you may contact Lisa at (405)307-1722.