Thursday, January 10, 2019

Losing weight isn’t easy, but following these simple wellness tips from Dietitians Abby Banks and Ashley Carreon, as well as Laure DeMattia, DO, who specializes in medical weight management, could help manage your cravings and aid you in reaching your goals.

  1. Remember that every day and every meal is a new opportunity to make a good choice.
  2. Don’t let one unhealthy choice derail all the other good choices you have made.
  3. Plan ahead: meals, snacks and exercise.
  4. Always have water with you.
  5. Modify your favorite meals to be healthy.
  6. Include a vegetable or fruit with every meal and snack.
  7. Don’t go to parties on an “empty tank.”
  8. Don’t skip meals.
  9. If you find yourself about to stress or emotional eat, pause and think of HALT:

H- Am I hungry? When was the last time you ate? You may need a snack, but thinking about it before you grab something can be the difference in a healthy snack versus an unhealthy one.

A- Am I angry? What has your emotions flared? Talking to a loved one, journaling or taking a walk in the fresh air may help you get some perspective.

L- Am I lonely? Do you need to connect with friends or family? Doing something kind for another is a great way to connect. Writing a thank you note is a simple act that can connect you.

T- Am I tired? Do you need to rest? Not getting enough rest can trigger an increase hunger and drive for sweets.

“The biggest message I want for people to understand is that every eating episode is an opportunity to care for themselves,” Dr. DeMattia said.

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