Norman Regional Health System
Mary Underhill (PsyD)

Behavioral Health, Psychiatry

2821 36th Ave NW., Suite 200
Norman, OK 73072

Specializes in: Behavioral Health

Medical School: Nova Southeastern University

Fellowship: Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Dr. Underhill received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 2011. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Mississippi State Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi and went on to complete her post-doctoral fellowship at the Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Medical Center where she specialized in Primary Care Psychology.

Throughout her training, Dr. Underhill developed a passion for working as part of a multi-disciplinary medical team, working with patients and providers to help patients improve their overall mental and physical health by providing education, support, and targeted interventions. In particular Dr. Underhill enjoyed helping patients adjust to medical illnesses or injuries and resulting lifestyle changes, as well as helping them regain a sense of normalcy and happiness, and improve their quality of life.

After joining the Journey Clinic team in the summer of 2013, Dr. Underhill was happy to learn of the importance placed on the role of mental health in the patient's journey. She stated, "I am so happy to be a part of the team at the Journey Clinic. The care and commitment Dr. Nelson and rest of the Journey staff have for their patients are apparent in their approach to weight loss surgery; an approach that is not found in all weight loss clinics. Rather than glossing over the potential impact the necessary lifestyle changes can have on mental health, and minimizing the emotional toll it can take to make such changes, they treat the body as a whole and work to ensure each patient has emotional, as well as physical, support throughout the process and post-operatively."

In addition to her work with Journey Clinic patients, Dr. Underhill also provides multiple other services to patients from the community (i.e., self-referred), as well as those referred by various physicians and other mental health professionals. Specifically, Dr. Underhill conducts individual therapy with individuals aged 21 years and over to address anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, issues related to aging, and coping with medical illness. She also conducts full psychological evaluations in which she identifies and/or clarifies emotional difficulties and provides recommendations based on results. Such evaluations are available for individuals 12 years old and above and generally take three to four hours to complete. Parents and/or collaterals (e.g., spouse, friend) are often involved in full evaluations and may be interviewed in order to better determine a patient’s difficulties. Functional evaluations, which are brief in nature and are designed to provide a diagnosis and recommendations for additional services, are also available and are generally conducted when a physician refers the patient.

Many insurances, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Sooner Care, are accepted. All mental health benefits are verified prior to a patient’s first appointment and the patient will be notified of any fee that may be due at the time of the first visit.

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