Federal Exchange Insurance

Federal Exchange Insurance

Most health plans offered on the federal exchange have a "preferred" provider network associated with each plan. While you may be able to utilize providers that are not in the "preferred" network you could incur higher out-of-pocket costs. There are a limited number of federal exchange plans that include Norman Regional Health System in the "preferred" network.

Finding a provider in your plan

Below is a list of the health plan options currently offered through the federal exchange in Oklahoma and whether or not Norman Regional Health System hospitals or physicians are included in their "preferred" network. For a more detailed description of your plan's benefits, you can call your health plan or visit their website. The links provided below will transfer you to the corresponding health plan website where you can view your plan's provider directory, which is a list of the doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers that your plan considers "preferred" providers.

Other inquiries, call (405) 307-2190.

Insurance Plans

Updated 02-04-2015