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Clay Cochran (MD)

Cochran, Clay (MD)

Neuro Surgeon

Specializes in: NEUROSURGERY

Dr. Clay Cochran supports emergency neurosurgery call coverage for Norman Regional, a significant contribution for our service area.

Dr. Cochran’s office is in Norman and he performs surgeries at Norman Regional Hospital and Norman Regional HealthPlex. His expertise includes back surgery, including minimally invasive techniques and fusion, cranial surgery, brain and spine tumors, neurosurgical trauma, carpal tunnel surgery, and surgical pain management implantation.

Dr. Cochran completed medical school at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and residency at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Dr. Cochran’s office is located at 825 E. Robinson in Norman. For an appointment call (405) 364-7900.

825 E. Robinson
Norman, OK 73071

(405) 364-7900

Certification: Board Certified --- Qualified

Medical School: University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

Residency: Wake Forest University Baptist Health

Fellowship: Intern - University of Louisville Dept. of Neurosurgery

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