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Welcome to the ongoing conversation between current and former patients at Norman Regional Health System. We believe in the power of community to enhance the healthcare experience, and we encourage all of our patients and caregivers to respectfully share here. Thank you for being part of the conversation.

Thank you for being kind to a lost stranger by Friend of a Patient*

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I am awkward in hospitals, being a patient or visitor, just always felt uncomfortable. I drove to Norman this afternoon to see one of my employees that had been in a car accident. I walked into the south entrance and gave her name to the sweet little lady at the front desk. I did not catch her name. I was surprised that she kindly offered to walk me to the correct elevator so I wouldn’t be lost. She then proceeded to even go in the elevator with me and take me to the exact area I need to be! I thought, so nice, that never happens.

Once I was on the correct floor, thanks to the sweet front desk lady, I was asked several times if I needed help finding the room I was looking for. I did not, I found the room I was looking for, but it was empty. I proceeded to the desk area right next to the room where a man was sitting at a computer, wish I would’ve caught his name as well, but he instantly looked up greeting me with a smile ready to help me. Even a couple of nurses help him help me. He gave me directions twice, because I’m bad with directions, and was so kind, happy, and helpful.

I walked through the hallways to where I needed to go and kept thinking about how hard these people work and how tired they must be and yet all I received was kindness in a place I’d rather not be. I really just wanted someone to know what an amazing staff you have. I walked out feeling happy that (my friend) was being taken care of by such caring and helpful people. Thank you for being kind to a lost stranger and doing what you all do daily to care for those that need you the most.

Fantastic PCP by Darcy A Hawkins*

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I have been a patient of Dr. Patrick Livingston for over a year. He is a wonderful man, doctor and caregiver. He always has time to listen and he really listens. His staff is great too. They work as a well oiled machine. I want to publicly say Thank you Dr. Livingston for letting me feel appreciated and listened to.

ER Visit with 2 year old by Jennifer Minnis*

Friday, September 22, 2017

I am an employee here and I was very impressed with our HPX ER. I had to bring my 2 year old daughter to be seen after a fall on her head. She ended up needing stitches. Dr. Hoos-Reinke and Dr. Scheafer were both so good with her that it kept me and her calm. I could not have ask for better care for my daughter!

Excellent Customer Service by Clayton Hoskinson*

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I went in for my first ever ultrasound and was a little apprehensive about the procedure and the purpose of it. Mike the ultrasound guy was very professional and explained all of what he was doing and why. It made my experience so much better. Thank You Mike and NRHS!

Amazing Team of Nurses at HealthPlex! by Fern & Te*

Saturday, July 1, 2017

As the demands of a new first-time parents are rapidly consuming both my wife and I, we wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the amazing team of nurses for the wonderful memorable experience during labor, delivery and recovery. Please excuse us if we do forget your names in proper or typos but, Sterla (labor), Corrie, Hartley, Heather, Jordan, Carla (lactation).... We love you! On a side note, we would like to point out awesome labor nurse Sterla for her exceptional skills, guidance, care, dedication, and being a wonderful person. We were blessed to have you as our nurse during the labor and we cannot ask for anything better. So, may you be blessed as well and we wish you all the best in your graduate studies, your endeavors and most importantly, your life. We can't say enough but thank you for being awesome! P.S. We are posing this message of appreciation on various channels, in hope, the message will some how reach you and you are acknowledged for being amazing. Fern & Te

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