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HealthPlex Offers Innovations in Healthcare

The difference is in the details. From a touch-panel control screen in the operating room to where a window is placed in a patient room, all the seemingly small things have been meticulous planned in the new HealthPlex specialty hospital.

The entire 400,000 square foot structure, from its landscaping to its top tower has been designed with healing in mind. While where a window or door is placed may not seem important, the space in which our patients are cared for plays a key role in their condition and recovery.

The design of the HealthPlex hospital is part of a national trend towards evidence-based design, which is a design plan that improves outcomes for patients and improves the performance of hospital staff.

The HealthPlex hospital has larger, private patient rooms, which studies have shown can reduce infection better than semi-private rooms. Patient satisfaction can be a major factor in recovery, and the HealthPlex has been designed to ensure every patient has the most comfortable stay possible. Each room is equipped with individual light and temperature controls. Patients can order room service, and the new hospital features a coffee shop with gourmet selections. The entire hospital is also outfitted with WIFI internet access for guests and patients alike.

Reducing the stress of patients and visitors is another important concept of the design philosophy.

“We want to encourage families to stay with their loved ones during their hospital stay,” said Daryle Voss, chief administrative officer of the HealthPlex. “We’ve seen time and again how much faster a patient can respond to treatment when they are surrounded by family and friends."

Many rooms are outfitted with sleeper sofas. The HealthPlex hospital offers several comfortable, conveniently located waiting areas. The hospital’s outdoor areas feature a walking trail that surrounds a reflecting pool, outdoor seating off of the cafeteria, interior garden areas and more all designed for the patient or their family to step into a quiet, contemplative space.

Another unique feature of the HealthPlex hospital is that it was designed to provide intuitive way-finding, that is the architectural and design details will make it easier for people to find their way and remember how they got there. Aspects such as plentiful natural light, changes in ceiling height, art pieces and even the texture of the flooring can all help people to get around the hospital more easily.

Integrated Operating Rooms

While subtle details make a difference, the HealthPlex also contains big, bold new technology. The most advanced of these is the HealthPlex’s Integrated Operating Rooms. An Integrated Operating Room is a specially designed and built surgical suite that combines audio, visual and other commands into one central location or control panel. This system allows complete control of every electrical device in the surgical field.

A nurse can sit at the touch-screen control panel and easily and efficiently control the environment in the operating room. Included in the controls are x-ray image displays, picture capturing, vital sign monitoring and many other patient care values. This centralization of controls allows the surgical team to keep their eyes completely on their work and concentrate their collaborative efforts.

“We took what we felt was missing at other hospitals, and put that into our surgical suite 'creation equation', and now have the most advanced operating room in the region,” said Jeff Barlow, manager of Norman Regional’s surgical services. “We are very proud of the efforts and forethought that went into the design, creation, and implementation of one of Oklahoma’s most advanced operating rooms.”

Norman Regional looked into Integrated Operating Rooms because they significantly improve patient safety. Patient information is easily accessible and checklists performed before a surgery are easier to document. Surgeons, nurses and other staff can also perform their jobs more efficiently in an Integrated Operating Room due to incorporated digital technology and access capabilities.

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