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Heart and Sole Fall

NORMAN – Imagine walking the distance from Norman to Honolulu. The winning team of Heart and Sole, the “Wokers” did just this. The team of Norman Regional Health System Food and Nutrition Service employees walked 3,677 miles or 7,354,867 steps during a six-week period.

Heart and Sole is a community-wide walking program for people 18 or older. Participants keep track of how much they walk with a pedometer and by maintaining a walking log throughout the six-week program. The goal is to motivate people to start walking for exercise plus give them a chance to win prizes.

“Through a recent community report, we learned that 40 percent of our community members want to lose weight and increase their physical activity,” said Amber Browning, Manager of Health Promotion at Norman Regional. “By partnering with area businesses in sponsoring the Heart and Sole Walking Program, we hope to help these people get moving toward better health.”

Norman Regional employee Kris Smith walked away with first place in the individual category. He logged 2,017,663 steps during the six-week program. He
said he walks a lot at work, but wanted to motivate his self to walk while he was at home too.

“I put my pedometer on as soon as I woke up in the morning and didn’t take it off till I went to bed. When I found out I walked a little over 1,000 miles in six weeks, I was amazed,” stated Smith.

Heart and Sole is sponsored by Norman Regional Health System and the Healthy Community Coalition. The Coalition is a team of businesses, organizations, healthcare professionals and community members who have united to improve the health of Norman’s citizens. The coalition is focusing on four areas: hypertension, obesity/overweight, smoking and lack of physical exercise. Although these are all national issues of concern, the coalition has set goals for our local community and is implementing action steps to improve overall health and well-being.

The second place team winner was the “Night Crawlers, third place was MWC Phat Bottom Girls, fourth place was OR High Steppers, and fifth place was Health Nuts. The second place individual winner was Gary Young with 850 miles and the third place individual winner was Katie Aylor with 832 miles.

The Heart and Sole program will be back this spring, for more information go to

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