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Have Healthy Holidays

As these Oklahoma days get colder and shorter, we welcome the holiday season to brighten our spirits! And one thing we can be sure of this time of year is sweets and treats around every corner. So, if you’re worried about gaining those pesky holiday pounds, here are a few tips to keep you eating healthy while still enjoying the fun festivities.

  • Don’t skip meals! You may be tempted to pass on breakfast or lunch if you have a great dinner party to attend, but by starving yourself you’re more likely to overeat. Plan on having small, lower-calorie meals or snacks beforehand so you’re less tempted to overdo it later.
  • Scope out the food scene! Before filling up your plate, decide what foods you definitely will eat, those you will sample, and those you will pass on.
  • Watch those portions! Stick with smaller portions of the more calorie laden, holiday indulgences and fill up your plate with lower-cal goodies.
  • Lighten up recipes! Scared you may sacrifice taste by modifying your favorite holiday recipe? Give these suggestions a try and enjoy the tasty end result:

          - Choose light or low-fat versions of regular ingredients
          - Use two egg whites in place of one egg
          - Substitute applesauce for oil/margarine/butter in muffins and quick breads (like banana bread)
          - Try low-sodium, fat free chicken broth in mashed potatoes
          - Non-fat plain yogurt is perfect for making dips and sauces 
          - Top pies and desserts with whipped topping rather than heavy cream for a big calorie savings

  • Step away from the food table! Some of us have a tendency to chit chat right next to the appetizers or buffet which make us more likely to mindlessly nibble the night away. Move your socializing further away to cut back on unconscious grazing.
  • Get moving! The more active you are the more calories you burn. So don’t put it off until the New Year, plan on taking the stairs, parking farther away, going for a walk around the neighborhood (this is a great way to check out the decorations!), anything to keep you more active this holiday season. Remember, with a bit of preparation and planning you can thoroughly enjoy all that the season has to offer without the extra pounds to show for it! Happy Holidays everyone!

For nutritional counseling, Norman Regional Health System offers the guidance of registered dietitians. Those interested can schedule an appointment for an assessment with a referral from their family physician.

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