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Stuffed Animals Donated to Hospital Pediatric Unit


NORMAN - More than three dozen stuffed animals are ready to be handed out to the littlest patients at Norman Regional's HealthPlex hospital. The stuffed animals were donated by Jeremy George a freshman at Norman High School. The 14 year old has spent his fair share of time being treated at Norman Regional so when he got the opportunity to give back, that's just what he did.

"Our preacher at church asked for volunteers and I was chosen as one," said Jeremy. "I opened an envelope and it had $50 inside and a note." The note told Jeremy to pay it forward.

Jeremy thought long and hard about how he could stretch the money to impact the maximum amount of people possible. He remembered a time during one of his multiple hospital stays when he was given a teddy bear, back in second grade. "It made me feel good," Jeremy described. "I hope the kids getting these animals will feel the comfort that I felt when I got my stuffed animal."

"It's nice that someone is thinking of us when they pay it forward," said manager of the Women's and Children’s unit Mari Newcomer. "It is wonderful that he remembered what one little stuffed animal can do for a child to comfort them in a scary situation. Kids like Jeremy are why we as nurses come to work every day."

The animals will be given to adolescent patients receiving treatment at the HealthPlex’s Women's and Children’s unit.

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