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EMSStat Paramedics Move into New Home

NORMAN – Local paramedics were welcomed into their new home with the opening of an EMSStat station.

While the new space offers updated and more comfortable quarters for medics, the community will benefit from the new location with quicker response times, said Eddie Sims, EMSStat manager.

The new building is located at Highway 9 and SE 12th Avenue, which provides easy access to surrounding areas through both Highway 9 and Interstate 35.

“This new station puts us in an ideal position,” Sims said. “Some areas we will be able to reach in as little as five to six minutes. It’s going to have a positive effect.”

EMSStat provides emergency response to rapidly-growing Cleveland County and is part of Norman Regional Health System.

EMSStat Medical Director Robert Frantz, M.D., said paramedics do everything a doctor would, if on scene, including stabilizing the patient, starting intravenous lines and drawing blood for testing at the hospital.

“We refer to it as the chain of survival,” Frantz said. “And it starts with calling 911 and a quick 911 response.”

The EMSStat station and ambulance barn was made possible with generous donations from Astellas Pharma Technologies and the Norman Regional Health Foundation Board of Directors.

The EMSStat site will also include a walking trail that is open to the public. The trail will help promote Norman Regional’s mission of bringing healthy lifestyles and physical activity to its community.

EMSStat employs more than 50 people and has a stable of nine ambulances, six medic bicycles, a command/ aid station bus, and an all-terrain “medical gator” vehicle.

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