Request a Chaplain

How to Request a Chaplain

Chaplains are available to provide support, guidance and counsel to patients and their family members at Norman Regional Hospital, Moore Medical Center and the HealthPlex, as well as employees and staff.

Anyone can request a chaplain's visit — you, a family member or friend, your clergy, your doctor or nurse, or the health system staff.

To request a routine visit to a patient, call the Health System operator and ask to be connected to the Pastoral Care office, or simply ask your nurse. The direct line to the Health System Pastoral Care office is 405-307-1023.
After hours, if no one is in the office, or for urgent requests, a chaplain can be paged by your nurse through the Health System switchboard.

When ethical concerns arise in the patient’s care, a consult by the Health System's Biomedical Ethics Committee can be requested by the patient, family member, or staff. Arrangements for consultation may be facilitated through the Chaplain or House Supervisor.