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EMSSTAT - A Vital Part of Norman Regional

Who We Are: EMSStat is a department of Norman Regional Health System Emergency Services dedicated to professionalism, patient care and community service. We provide Paramedic Level care to the community of Norman and surrounding areas – a coverage area of approximately 400 square miles.

Paramedics can handle any emergency from car accidents to cardiac arrest. EMSStat also provides critical care transport from hospital to hospital.

EMSStat has a stringent hiring and field-training program to ensure high quality care for the community. Paramedics attend two to two and a half years of school and receive additional training throughout their careers. Our ful-ltime medic staff works 24-hour shifts on the same schedule as the Norman Fire Department.

Our Medical Director: The EMSStat Medical Director, Patrick Cody, DO. Dr. Cody attended medical school at the Oklahoma State School of Medicine and completed his residency and fellowship training at Integris Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

What We Do: EMSStat is a Paramedic Level ambulance service that offers advanced level of care to the citizens of Norman and surrounding communities. Paramedics are highly trained professionals that initiate advanced airways, intravenous therapy, administer medication, use cardiac monitors and apply various splints and bandaging to stabilize medical and trauma patients. Paramedic patient care is delivered under the direction of a physician medical director.

In 2007, EMSStat had more than 10,000 calls for service and our call volume increases every year.

The Norman Fire Department (NFD) responds with EMSStat to all medical/trauma calls in Norman and immediate surrounding areas. The NFD is licensed as a First Responder agency. The NFD begins initial first line treatment and patient history gathering for the paramedics.

EMStat Coverage: EMSStat has three stations throughout Norman to distribute coverage including:

  • Eastside Station, the hub of EMSStat’s operation, is located due north of the hospital.  Coverage area for Eastside is east and northeast. Both the manager and shift crew chief offices are located at this location.Westside Station is located near NW 24th and Robinson, with coverage of west Norman. Southside Station is a brand new facility located in the area of SE 12th and Highway 9. Coverage area for Southside is south Norman and southeast past the Lake Thunderbird area. 

Our Fleet:

EMSStat also provides special events coverage for OU game days and other events in the Norman area. EMSStat provides a bicycle team of medics that go through a vigorous bicycle course to be at the top of their “game.” 

The medics often split into single medic teams to treat more people that need our care. Two bike teams, consisting of two medics and a bike team supervisor patrol Memorial Stadium and the outlying OU campus, providing better access to individual patients. The bicycle paramedic can initiate treatment while an ambulance is fighting through game traffic.

EMSStat also has paramedics on the field during the OU football season, manning a John Deere Gator vehicle, a modified small all terrain “ambulance” for use on the football field or other special events.

EMSStat provides a bus that is often used as fire rehab, or in the case of the Moore tornadoes, the bus can be utilized as a command post. The bus is also used to provide shelter from the environment for citizens and responders at incidents or special events.

The EMSStat Crew Chief has a 4X4 SUV as a supervisor vehicle, which allows the crew chief to respond with the ambulance to complicated medical calls or as first response to provide care to patients if the ambulances are busy. This vehicle can go off-road to access patients that are located in terrain that an ambulance cannot get to easily. The SUV carries much of the same equipment as an ambulance and also carries some of the components of the Haz-Mat equipment.

Hazardous Materials Response: Since 2000, EMSStat has been building up a Hazardous Materials Response Team, due to the many hazardous materials traveling through Norman daily via trains and Interstate 35.

Most of our medics have been trained in hazardous materials response. This entails wearing the proper protective suits, oversight of decontamination, contaminated patient care and other aspects of Haz-Mat.

Most of our medics have received Advanced Haz-Mat Life Support Training. This area covers all aspects of patient care for people that have been contaminated by different chemicals and materials. EMSStat has developed a Haz-Mat Medical Kit, the most comprehensive kit in Oklahoma, which has specific medications to treat chemical injuries and contamination. 

Haz-Mat medics also respond with the Norman Police Department, NFD and other agencies to provide medical screening, decontamination and treatment for responders involved in undercover drug lab raid operations. Haz-Mat medics also train Norman Regional Hospital nurses and other employees in areas of Haz-Mat decontamination for patients and function as part of Norman Regional’s Emergency Response Team and Homeland Security Region 6 WMD Response Team.

Overall, EMSStat is a vital part of Norman Regional Health System and the communities we serve. Norman and its surrounding areas are fortunate to have agencies working together closely to provide exceptional fire protection, law enforcement and emergency medical services.

Tactical Medic Team - EMSStat has developed a tactical medic team, who provide emergency medical coverage during S.W.A.T. team call-outs.

All the tactical medics are Haz-mat Tech certified and train with the team. The medics who participate on the team spend hours training, including attending a nationally recognized Tactical Medic School.