Our Services

Radiation Oncology

Norman Regional’s radiation oncology department is located in the Cancer Management Center. There are a variety of treatment options and treatment delivery systems available.

Our staff includes board certified Radiation Oncologists, a Ph.D Medical Physicist, a certified medical dosimetrist, certified radiation therapists and registered nurses – all dedicated to providing you with excellent care and a positive experience


  • Two dual photon energy linear accelerators with multiple electron energies
  • Superficial X-ray machine, for treating skin cancers
  • High dose rate remote afterloader (HDR)
  • Dedicated CT scanner for simulations
  • Low dose rate (LDR) radioactive seed implants
  • Mosaiq Operating System providing electronic charting and record keeping

External Beam Treatments

We offer 3D conformal as well as intensity modulated radiation therapy treatments (IMRT).


High Dose Rates (HDR) We offer accelerated partial breast irradiation for early stage breast cancer that allows for you to complete your course of radiation usually in five days, instead of the more conventional five to seven weeks.

Low Dose Rates (LDR) We offer radioactive implants in the treatment of prostate cancer. This type of treatment has been shown to provide cure rates equal to surgery or external beam radiation treatments, but with reduced side effects.