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Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Pathology intervention includes screening, evaluating and diagnosing speech, language, and oral and pharyngeal sensorimotor competencies.  Planning, directing and conducting treatment programs for disorders of verbal and written language, voice, articulation, fluency, interactive communication, mastication, deglutition, auditory and/or augmentative communication treatment and devices are available.  Their services include patient/family/staff education regarding swallowing precautions, cognitive retraining and functional communication.

Outpatient Speech Therapy Services Include:

  • Voice Therapy
  • Swallowing therapy including VitalStim
  • Aphasia and cognitive therapy for individuals with acquired traumatic brain injury and strokes

Norman – Physical Performance Center Ph 447-1571

Inpatient Speech Therapy Services Include:

Speech and Language Pathology provides screening, evaluating and diagnosing of speech, language, and swallowing functions, including bedside and xray-assisted assessment of swallow.  Interventions focus on oral motor muscular facilitation, instruction in safety precautions related to swallowing, recommendations regarding diet and liquid consistency for feeding, and establishing functional communication and/or instruction in compensatory techniques.  Neuromuscular electrical stimulation may also be provided as a modality to facilitate swallowing.

Norman – Porter Campus Ph 307-1712