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Vascular Access Center

Treating problems that obstruct vascular access is important – the earlier problems are caught and treated the better an outcome may be. Norman Regional is home to the state’s first and only hospital-based center dedicated to patients needing vascular access. Norman Regional’s Vascular Access Center is here for you.

The Vascular Access Center

Norman Regional Health System’s Vascular Access Center is the state’s first and only hospital-based center that focuses on patients needing treatment for dialysis, long-term infusions as well as other vascular access needs. The Center is a one-stop destination where patients can seamlessly complete all necessary pre-operative work in one convenient location. In a hospital our patients will have easier access to lab work, X-rays, ultrasound and other diagnostic testing. Also if something is identified that requires more treatment or admission to a hospital, Norman Regional is able to provide that advance care.

The Vascular Access Center is located on the first floor of Norman Regional Hospital. You may park on the northeast side of the building. Registration is conveniently located at the Vascular Access Center itself. Patient’s lab work, diagnostics, procedure and recovery are all done in the comforts of Norman Regional Hospital. Our team of expert physicians, nurses and staff are dedicated to providing a positive experience for our patients and their families.

Contact Us
Physicians can utilize our referral form to help facilitate the registration and scheduling of an appointment. Or call our direct line at (405) 307-CLOT. That’s (405) 307-2568.

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Our Services

The Vascular Access Center is a one-of-a-kind hospital based center dedicated to patients needing vascular access.

Services include:

  • Placement of new AV fistulas
  • Declotting of existing AV fistulas
  • Ballooning of vascular anatomy to ensure proper flow
  • Placement of dialysis catheters (both temporary and long-term/tunneled)
  • Peritoneal drain catheters
  • PICC lines
  • Assessing current dialysis catheters for proper function
  • Deep vein thrombosis treatments or removal

Norman Regional has a Hospitality House for those traveling long distances who may need overnight accommodations. To check room availability and rates, please call (405) 307-6691.

Why Visit?

Treating problems that obstruct vascular access is important to your overall health and prevents delays in your dialysis treatments. The earlier problems are caught and treated, the better your outcome may be. A vascular access point needs to remain open and operable to complete dialysis or a patient will quickly become ill. Please help us by contacting your physician at the earliest sign of trouble. Signs something may be wrong with your access site include:

  • If the sound referred to as the “thrill” disappears. The thrill is a sign that the access site is functioning.
  • Swelling, bleeding or signs of infection at the access site.
  • If you have an unexplained fever.