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Steps to Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery is more than just surgery. Norman Regional’s Bariatric Program has a multi-step process to prepare you. This timeline shows our program’s steps.


The bariatric seminars are designed to provide introductory information regarding bariatric surgery and all components that are involved. This information is provided to aid patients in making an informed decision and presents a clear view of the risks/benefits of surgery.

Meet the Physician

This meeting establishes rapport and builds a trusting surgeon-patient relationship.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling provides an ongoing resource for patients to assist in making/maintaining necessary dietary changes both before and after bariatric surgery and promotes an overall healthier lifestyle.

Physical Therapy

This includes assessing the bariatric surgery for physical mobility/ functionality limitations and to develop a treatment plan to improve identified limitations before and after surgery.

Psychological Assessment

The primary purpose of the bariatric psychological assessment is to ensure the safety and well-being of patients as well as making certain patients are able to make an educated decision regarding bariatric surgery. This assessment is used to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, evaluate treatment expectations, and address anxieties/fears.

Support Group

The Bariatric support groups provided in a safe and confidential environment, designed to foster education and emotional support to patients interested in or have undergone bariatric weight loss surgery.

Preoperative Class

The pre-operative class is utilized to prepare patients for all aspects of bariatric surgery both pre-operative/post-operative as well as address specific patient concerns/questions.