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What our patients are saying about their experiences with weight loss surgery at Norman Regional.

Dennis Richardson, Lost 211 pounds

Before Surgery: Dennis Richardson said his quality of life was plunging out of control because of his weight. He struggled with different diets for years and always failed. He knew he couldn't turn this vicious cycle around by himself. "My table looked like a pharmacy," he said. "I took shots and pills for diabetes, inhalers and medication for asthma, water pills, three different high blood pressure medications and acid reflux medication."

After Surgery: After his surgery at Norman Regional Hospital, Dennis's table is no longer packed with pills. A man who once needed help getting out of his chair, now can do pushups and crunches. He said he can honestly say that he never feels like he’s starving like he did before. 

Dennis's Advice: "If you decide you are ready to change your life, commit 110 percent to the program and listen to the rules, and follow them to a tee," he said. "They are for your own good and they are proven to work. I hope your journey will be as full of rewards as mine has been."