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If you were treated at one of our hospitals or outpatient service areas, use our Norman Regional Portal to manage your health online! Patients can use this hospital portal to:

  • Easily look up lab results such as blood draws
  • View imaging results
  • Easily download or print these test results so you may give them to your physician or healthcare provider.

You can access your personal Health Record by completing the self-enrollment form. For completion you must have the following:

  • Your hospital Medical Record Number
  • Email Address
  • Legal Name

Please click "Enroll" to get started or click "Log In" if you've already enrolled. Having trouble? Please email us at or call us at 405-515-6747.

Helpful Link

Click here to view our helpful brochure with more information. (PDF)


Q. Where does my health information in the Portal come from?

All of the information in the Portal comes from the Electronic Health Record. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate, up-to-date summary of your information possible.

Q. How do I see my lab results and x-ray reports?

To access your lab results and x-ray reports first click on the Health Record Icon. Your lab results will display under Results. X-Ray reports will display under Reports.

Q. Is my information safe?

Yes. Portal passwords are encrypted and URLs cannot be replaced. A timeout feature protects your information if you leave the Portal page open.

Q. Where can I find my medical record number?

Your medical record number can be found on your hospital paperwork or you hospital bracelet and starts with a capital E with leading zeros. If you do not have any paperwork or bracelet please email us @ your name, date of birth , last four of your social and email address you would like to use in order to verify your identity. You can also call us at 515-6747 with this information and a NRHS Patient Portal Healer will get back to you with your number.

Q. Is the Hospital Portal the same as my NRHS Physicians Clinic Portal?

No, unfortunately they are separate. However, they can both be accessed by going to website, selecting the “Patient Portal” button and choosing “Clinic or Hospital” Portal login/enrollment button.