Sooner Fever Strikes Oklahoma

There’s an outbreak sweeping our state. Reports of people making wild, OU motions with their arms; bleeding crimson; and repeatedly screaming “Boomer Sooner” confirm the resurgence of this chronic condition known as Sooner Fever.

While present year-round, Sooner Fever seems to be most wide-spread in fall and spring. Severity of symptoms directly corresponds to the severity of an individual’s loyalty to the University of Oklahoma Sooners. Experts do not believe it to be a coincidence.

Norman Regional Emergency Services team identifies Patient Zero.

“We’re looking at trends in enlarged, crimson foam fingers – it definitely seems to be correlated with game attendance,” said Dr. Cody, an expert in emergency medicine from Norman Regional Health System. Dr. Cody proceeded to show us a chart with growing Sooner Fever levels, before he began jumping up and down, shouting “Boomer Sooner” – himself succumbing to the illness.

Got an Actual Fever?

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#SoonerFever Sweepstakes

While researchers are still seeking a cure for Sooner Fever, we can help those suffering from it. Anyone with Sooner Fever can enter below to win a football signed by OU head coach Lincoln Riley. Entry is open from September 1 to December 31, 2019. See complete rules.

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