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Norman Regional’s Nurse Externship Program

Norman Regional’s Nurse Externship Program

Norman Regional Health System has introduced an opportunity to propel your nursing career forward. The Nurse Externship program provides a pathway for students to transition from the classroom into real-world practice as they continue their education.

This initiative offers nursing students a hands-on experience within the Norman Regional Health System, a multi-campus health system renowned for its Centers of Excellence and nationally accredited programs. Beyond textbooks and lectures, students will be in real-world healthcare environments, gaining insights into patient care that can't be replicated in a classroom setting.

By facilitating this connection between classroom learning and practical application, Norman Regional addresses a critical need in the nursing education landscape. As the demand for skilled and well-prepared nurses continues to rise, the Nurse Externship program stands to foster the next generation of healthcare professionals.

What is the Nurse Extern Program?

Norman Regional’s Nurse Externship program offers many opportunities for future healers and sets NRHS apart from other health systems.

Cassie Chaffin, BNS, RN-CCRN-K, is the Nurse Extern Supervisor for Norman Regional.

“The externs are still in nursing school. We then hire them into the program to work twice a month and each month they go to a different unit so that they can see the difference between all of the areas, such as the ICU, Med/Surg or Women’s & Children’s Labor & Delivery. As they progress through, they get to also do skills that are approved for them to do, and they also get to practice what they are learning in nursing school then apply it,” said Chaffin.

Nurse externs are a significant part of our dedicated healthcare team as they work alongside experienced nurses in various clinical settings. The position is a one-year, paid externship with a requirement of 28 hours per month in scheduled rotations within emergency services, critical care, women’s services, and several more. Aside from the required 28 hours, nurse externs can choose to pick up additional patient care shifts as nursing assistants or as sitters.

The program offers a set curriculum that compliments and enhances the nursing students’ professional growth by giving them direct observation of the registered nurse’s role and allowing them the opportunity to shadow other disciplines and ancillary areas. This hands-on learning experience not only enhances their clinical skills but also instills confidence in them as they continue with their nursing career.

Why Choose Norman Regional Health System?

Norman Regional has a secret ingredient when it comes to organizational culture. We call it “The Norman Way.” It’s a philosophy that defines the exceptional healthcare and service we offer to each other as healers, our patients, visitors and the community. Read about The Norman Way to learn more about the I.C.A.R.E. values that we strive to achieve every day.

At Norman Regional, we pride ourselves on delivering patient-centered care, where healers are part of a team that prioritizes the well-being of every person we help.

How to Apply

Applications for the Nurse Extern Program are open to nursing students who have completed at least one semester of nursing clinical education and have at least two semesters of nursing school left to complete.

A few requirements for this position include possessing a GPA of 3.0 or higher, they must be a current student in an accredited traditional RN degree program, must have a completed semester of nursing clinicals and more. After the selection, the applicant will need to complete the given essay questions, provide an official transcript and provide a copy of their skills checklist.

To apply for this program, visit our nursing careers website and submit your application today.

Don’t miss the chance to take the next step in igniting your nursing career at Norman Regional Health System. Apply for the Nurse Extern Program today!