Norman Regional Health System

4 Steps for Choosing Your Obstetrician

Congratulations! You have a baby on the way, and now you need a doctor to guide you through the pregnancy and delivery. What are the top four factors to consider when choosing an obstetrician (OB doctor)?

  1. Location. You’ll have 15 or more prenatal appointments with your obstetrician during your pregnancy, so you’ll want a doctor within easy driving distance from your home and/or workplace.

  2. Insurance Network. Check with your insurance provider to make sure this provider is in the network – it will be less expensive than visiting an out-of-network doctor.

  3. Personality/Philosophy. It’s important to choose a doctor who listens to your preferences for birth – from pain management to nonmedicated to birthing balls. Interview your potential doctors so you find someone you’re comfortable with. Be sure to do it early – some OBs won’t accept new patients past their first trimester.

  4. Delivery Privileges. Not all doctors are able to treat patients at all hospitals! Some expectant families prefer to choose a delivery location first, and then search for doctors who have privileges there. For instance, if you want a Norman-area delivery facility that offers maximum mother/baby bonding time and a Level III NICU, choose an obstetrician with privileges at Norman Regional HealthPlex.