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Intro to Ortho Central Sports Medicine

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  • Written By: James L. Bond, MD
Intro to Ortho Central Sports Medicine

In today's fast-paced sports world, it is crucial to make the health and safety of athletes a top priority. Ortho Central's Sports Medicine program stands at the forefront of athlete safety, offering comprehensive care and support to athletes, partner schools and their communities.

Why is Ortho Central committed to having a robust sports medicine program?

James Bond, MD

Ortho Central's dedication to athlete care stems from an understanding of the increasing participation in youth athletics and the corresponding rise in injuries. There is a deep appreciation at Ortho Central for high school athletics and the way it brings communities together. The Sports Medicine program seeks to allow athletes to play to their fullest potential while giving them and their families the peace of mind that they are taken care of.

“There has been a burgeoning of participation in high school sports and with that comes injuries, so we have always positioned ourselves in a situation where we can be there to help them get back to their game,” said James Bond, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with Ortho Central. “That’s always been our premise and we believe being on the sidelines for these sporting events is a great way to build goodwill in our communities.”

What Ortho Central offers to the schools they partner with and why it makes a difference

Ortho Central's partnerships with schools are built on a foundation of trust and reliability, ensuring athletes receive timely and effective care when it matters most. Accessibility to care has been a pillar of the Sports Medicine Program’s philosophy. Whether it’s athlete physical evaluations, sideline coverage or free injury evaluations at the Saturday Injury Clinic, it’s about taking care of the athlete and providing resources that support their athletic goals.

“Every Saturday morning during the season we are seeing what’s hurting on these athletes and how we can get a plan together to get them playing again. Most of the time, their injuries are non-operative and we can get them a free x-ray, a free treatment and get them and their families a plan to return to play,” said Dr. Bond. “We really try to make surgery a last resort for treatment because a lot of times it isn’t necessary.”

What is the history of the Ortho Central sports medicine program and how does Ortho Central find ways to support their partners?

The Sports Medicine Program at Ortho Central started when the clinic was established in 2005. For the most part, the program has been the same people providing the same high standard of care, but when a program lasts nearly 20 years, it is crucial to find ways to innovate as well and adapt to a changing environment. Ortho Central has always taken a forward thinking approach with a focus on how to meet the needs of athletes.

In addition to the other services Ortho Central has introduced to provide ease of access, one of the biggest game changers is the Ortho Stat clinic, an orthopedic walk in clinic open seven days a week.

“I think that Ortho Stat has been revolutionary for our system,” said Dr. Bond. “It has changed the way our schools have access to care because you don’t have to wait on a doctor’s schedule anymore. So an athlete could get hurt at 3:30 at practice, come to Ortho Stat at 4:00 and they will see experienced providers, get a very quick diagnosis, an MRI if they need one and if they need follow-up care with a provider, they will get into that clinic within two to three days.”

Ortho Central's success is not only attributed to its skilled providers but also to its culture of excellence and collaboration. Dr. Bond emphasizes, "The culture that we have...the really is a special place." This cohesive environment fosters innovation and empathy, ensuring athletes receive the highest standard of care at every turn.

For more information on Ortho Central’s Sports Medicine Program, visit here or call 405-360-6764.