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RESOLVE: Strengthen Your Core

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man doing core exercises using a yoga ballOver the last few weeks, Norman Regional Health System and The Health Club have been focusing on helping you become a better you. Instead of making New Year's Resolutions that are typically forgotten about right after the start of the New Year, a word was chosen to be mindful of throughout the year to help keep you on course. The word is Resolve: Resolve to become a better and healthier you.

With Walk to Run, the focus was on the importance on being physically active and improving your cardiovascular health. Now it is time to consider improving your core strength. When discussing your core, most people only think of their abdominals. However, your core consists of over 30 paired muscle groups from your shoulders to your hips.

According to Jack Carter, a Supervisor at The Health Club as well as a Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Trainer with Distinction, "As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass. It is very important to stop this process. There are so many benefits to increasing your core strength including better balance, stability, helps in long-term weight loss goals, and improved flexibility just to name a few. Not to leave out the obvious, resistance training will make you stronger overall."

The Health Club, which is owned and operated by Norman Regional Health System, is committed to proper certification and education. The dedicated staff consists of degreed or advanced degreed fitness professionals including nationally certified personal trainers, certified special population and certified strength and conditioning specialists. This is what sets The Health Club apart from other facilities. They will be glad to answer any of your questions about various exercises and proper technique. Personal training sessions can be scheduled to create a customize program specifically designed for you.

Simply call The Health Club at 405/329-5050 or stop by at 3720 West Robinson. The main entrance is located at the back of Brookhaven Shopping Center in the southwest corner. Walk under the green awning and meet the team that is ready to help you!

Remember in 2017; be mindful of the word RESOLVE. RESOLVE to be a healthier and better you.