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Andrew Wheeler (MD)

Wheeler, Andrew (MD)

Specializes in: GENERAL SURGERY

Dr. Andrew Wheeler recently joined Norman Regional Health System as a surgeon specializing in general surgery.

Dr. Wheeler joins the practice of Oklahoma Surgical Associates 500 E. Robinson, #2300 in Norman. He is able to treat a wide range of conditions from complex hernias, anti-acid reflux, and other gastrointestinal problems.

Dr. Wheeler completed medical school and his residency at the University of Missouri. He also completed a Bariatric Surgery Fellowship in St. Louis. It was in his residency and fellowship he saw the incredible outcomes of bariatric or weight loss surgery.

“It is a procedure that cures the disease of obesity but also helps prevent problems such as heart disease or diabetes. It can change someone’s life,” Dr. Wheeler said.

500 E. Robinson, #2300
Norman, OK 73071


Medical School: University of Missouri

Residency: University of Missouri