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Each week Norman Regional President and CEO Richie Splitt sends out an email update to all employees, called the Norman Regional Now. In it, you can find useful information about NRHS, updates on system-wide initiatives, positive recognition of our team and much more.

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January 3: Updated CDC Work Restrictions for HCP With SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Exposures
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Behavioral Health Center Groundbreaking

Mark your calendars for another milestone in our Inspire Health Plan. Norman Regional and Oceans will host a groundbreaking for the new 48-bed Behavioral Health Center on the Porter campus. 

Join us at 11 a.m. Wednesday, March 8. The groundbreaking will occur at the southern end of the Porter campus. This new center will expand our expert mental health services to reach even more Oklahomans. The 48-bed hospital will provide treatment for mood disorders, depression disorders and substance abuse.  

Provider Networking Event

Save the date for Norman Regional's next Provider Networking Event! 

4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Thursday, February 23
The Well
210 James Garner Ave. 
Norman, OK 73071 

Mix and mingle with your colleagues! Light bites and refreshments provided. 


Norman Regional is excited to embark on its Inspire Health Plan that will transform health and wellness services for our community. For the latest information on this project please visit its website

To read the Inspire Health Newsletter, written by John Manfredo, Chief Operating Officer, please click on the month of each newsletter.

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June 2021: Inspire Health Provider Update HPX Parking

January 2022: HealthPlex Lobby Changes on Jan. 29


Construction will begin on the inside of the HealthPlex Saturday, Jan. 29.

This phase of construction will result in multiple changes, including:

  1. Closing the east lobby and east side of the second floor
  2. Making the lobby inside the west entrance the sole lobby on the first floor
  3. Moving Outpatient Diagnostic Services registration to the west side of the hospital

The Daily Grind Coffee Shop and The Gift Shop will remain open.

Patients and visitors will continue to enter through the west entrance of the HealthPlex, but the registration desk and lobby are now right inside the west entrance instead of on the east side of the hospital. To avoid confusion, we will have updated signage, as well as check points where healers wearing purple vests guide patients from the lobby waiting area to where they need to be.

Along with this phase comes more noise and possible disruption. We are doing everything we can to help lessen the noise, such as installing a temporary noise-canceling wall that will cover the windows facing the lobby in the Same Day Surgery waiting room on the second floor. We also still have earplugs for patients and visitors who desire them.

The west lobby being the sole lobby and waiting area on the first floor may be cramped, but we will be adding additional seating in the lobby and down the hall to accommodate for more people.

Please be patient during these times. Although it may not be ideal now, these changes are helping us grow and best meet the needs of our community.

If you have any questions or concerns, or ideas on how to best help patients or visitors during this time of change, please email

Just as we have done since the construction began, we will continue to assess the current processes and update them if and when necessary to best serve our patients and to help our healers.

These changes do not change where healers park or enter the building. Please remember to only park in the healer parking lot, or if full, the healer-designated spots in the patient and visitor lot, and enter through the Café doors.

This phase puts us another step closer to consolidating our acute care services, which will provide a consistent patient experience, enhanced access, increased physician satisfaction and additional efficiency with hospital operations. It is one of many phases in the HealthPlex expansion. We will always communicate with you before a new phase begins and will continue to keep you updated throughout the process.

June 2021: Changes to HealthPlex Parking and Entrances

Big changes are happening at the HealthPlex campus. Parking lots and entrances will close and open starting at 5 a.m. Monday, June 21. Continue reading below for more details.

On Monday, June 21, 2021, the HealthPlex, located off Interstate 35 and Tecumseh Road, will open a new, temporary emergency entrance and new parking lots to prepare for the expansion of the hospital.

For an aerial view follow this link:

Flyer Map.png (447 KB)


  • Physicians should park in the yellow-highlighted Parking Lot. This lot has a gate. Please remember to bring your NRHS badge to be able to enter the lot. If you forget your badge, please call Security at 405.307.1482 immediately for remote entry to the lot.
  • The eastern main and Emergency Department entrances, as well as the main parking lot, will be closed during    construction.
  • All non-emergency patients and visitors should use the Women’s and Children’s Pavilion Entrance on the west side of the hospital.
  • All non-emergency patients and visitors should park in the newly created parking lot west of the Women’s and Children’s Entrance.
  • All emergency, OBED and unscheduled labor and delivery patients should use the newly created Emergency/OBED Entrance.
  • All emergency, OBED and unscheduled labor and deliver patients should park in the Emergency Parking Lot. Patients can be dropped off directly at the ER Entrance.
  • Complimentary valet parking is available for patients and visitors.

For questions or concerns about these changes, please email

map.png (1.33 MB)

June 2021: Provider Parking Access for One Vehicle at a Time, Badge Entry Only


To prevent damage to your vehicle when you enter Provider Parking Lot D at the HealthPlex, please follow these instructions:

Do not attempt to drive into Provider Parking Lot D without first using your NRHS ID for access. The gate will not sense a second vehicle and, therefore, will not remain in the open position. Parking Lot D is designed to allow only one vehicle to enter/exit with each cycle. A vehicle attempting to "piggy back" through the gate without using their badge to access will cause the gate to close on the unauthorized car; which could result in damages to both the vehicle and the gate system.

Provider Parking Lot D was designed to provide convenient parking and easy access to NRHS providers with ID badges. Parking Lot D also includes a number of safety features such as lighting, security cameras, and stairs and a ramp. The entry and exit gates are designed to control access into and out of the lot. For your personal safety, the gates are specifically designed for single vehicle function, which prevents “piggy backing.”

Remember, one vehicle in and one vehicle out at a time with badge access.

Robotic Neurosurgery

Norman Regional’s neurosurgery team is now offering minimally invasive robotic surgery. One man is no longer living with constant back pain due to the help of a robot and local neurosurgeon, Stephen Eichert, DO. Robert Burnett, 54, began seeing Dr. Eichert at Norman Regional Health System’s Neurosurgery Associates after years of dealing with back pain. Read the complete story here.

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December 31: Provider Wellness Hotline and EAP Information