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Support from family and friends is just as vital to our patients as the expert medical care we provide. Here, you can find visitor information—including information for visiting clergy—connect with our chaplains, browse our gift shop and more.

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Hospital Destination Guides

These quick reference guides will show you the main entrances and what areas of the hospital are located in each section.

Visiting Hours

Norman Regional Health System has updated guidelines for our visitors and patients on August 24, 2020.

  • At this time, social visits for patients are not allowed.
  • Only one identified patient representative allowed in the room at a time during the patient stay. Each patient can designate two representatives to alternate time during the stay.
  • Patient representatives are welcome between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Patients on isolation precautions are not allowed patient representatives. Virtual visiting rooms are available.
  • No patient representatives under the age of 16.

Departments with exceptions to the above include:

  • Only one patient representative is allowed per patient in the Emergency Department, and Patient Representatives are allowed 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Emergency Department.
  • OB, Pediatrics and the NICU requires designated patient representatives. Two, designated patient representatives are allowed for the patient stay.
  • Behavioral Medicine patients are not allowed patient representatives.
  • The Inpatient Rehabilitation Center patients are not allowed patient representatives. 

Patient representatitive will:

  • Bring and wear a mask or facial covering
  • Practice proper hand hygiene
  • Follow social distancing guidelines especially in our waiting rooms and lobbies. Norman Regional will maintain compliance with CDC social distancing guidelines. This may limit the number of people in waiting areas

Other Guidelines

As lengthy stays can be tiring for a patient, we ask that visits be kept short. You may wish to let the patient know when you will be visiting and for how long so that the patient may prepare for your visit. You may call a patient directly by dialing 307 and the room number.

  • For those bringing gifts into the hospital, Norman Regional does not allow any latex products in patient care areas, such as latex balloons. Visitors should make sure all gift balloons are made of non-latex material such as Mylar.

  • Anyone who is sick, with a cold or the flu, or is not feeling well should postpone the visit until another time.

  • Nurses may ask visitors to leave the room when personal care is being given, a procedure is being performed, when a physician is conducting an examination or if the patient needs rest.

  • Additional guidelines may apply to certain areas of the hospital, and will be made available to guests at the specific department.
    • Parents of pediatric patients are encouraged to aid their child's recovery and may stay with their child at all times. Rollaway beds and meal passes are provided at no additional charge.

After Hours Visits

  • Norman Regional Hospital: After general visiting hours, enter through the Emergency Department. All guests are required to sign in. Security will be monitoring the lobby and is available to assist visitors.

  • HealthPlex Hospital: Between the hours of 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. please enter through the Chest Pain Center/Emergency Room entrance on the east side of the hospital.

For non-scheduled after-hours visits, please contact Security at 405-307-1482.