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Blood Drives

Donate Blood and Save Lives!

Norman Regional Health System is committed to helping its community and its patients, which is why we partner with the Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) to host quarterly blood drives at our three main campuses:

All blood donated at Norman Regional’s blood drives directly impacts the health system.

We are thankful for all of the donors who walk through our doors.

Can I Donate?

Do I feel good today? That is the first question you should ask yourself when considering blood donation. If you are, generally, in good health, you can usually give blood. Healthy individuals who are:

  • 16 and weigh at least 125 pounds (with signed parental permission),
  • 17 and weigh at least 125 pounds, or
  • 18 and weigh at least 110 pounds are encouraged to donate blood regularly.

Am I eligible to donate blood?

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about who can donate, visit

Be Prepared

STEP 1: Before Donating

  • Eat well. Try to always include iron-rich foods in your diet, such as beef, pork, poultry, fish, lamb, clams, oysters, nuts, raisins, peas, spinach, or other dark, leafy greens.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.

Drinking water 30 minutes before giving blood has been found to improve the donation experience.

Drinking fluids before your donation helps maintain good circulation throughout your body, and helps prevent light-headedness.

Avoiding tea, coffee, milk, fiber and soy protein before donating can help with iron absorption.

STEP 2: Donor Registration

Please bring a photo ID with you. When you arrive at one of our blood drives, you will check in with a volunteer then go through a brief registration process with OBI where you will complete a series of donor questions including your name, address, phone number, etc. You will also be asked a few questions about your health.

Donors may complete the questions online the day of the donation by using the donor express. This will speed the registration process. Simply visit

STEP 3: Receive a Mini-Physical

Next, you will receive a mini-physical to ensure that you are healthy enough to donate blood. This includes checking your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and iron level. See our “More Information” section to the right of this page to find more iron level information.

After you are cleared to give blood, you may have to wait just a few minutes to donate, depending on how many people are currently donating. Each blood drive, you have the option of scheduling an appointment so you can ensure the quickest turnaround time possible.

STEP 4: Blood Donation

You will lay on a donor bed. An OBI phlebotomist will prepare your arm, sanitizing it and asking you to squeeze your fist to increase blood circulation. Because sterile, disposable, one-use-only supplies are used for your donation, there is no risk of getting a disease from giving blood. The blood collection will be started and typically lasts about 20 minutes to donate one unit (about a pint).

STEP 5: After Donating

Now, you’ve earned a snack! We encourage you to relax in our refreshment area and enjoy some juice and cookies to replenish your body before you take on the rest of your day. Refrain from heavy lifting or strenuous physical work for 24 hours. Listen to your body’s signals during the next day. Have a seat, slow down and rest if you find yourself feeling unusual. Should you have any medical concerns or questions, call OBI day or night at the phone number listed on the card you will receive at the end of your donation.

The best part is how you’ll feel, knowing you have made a lifesaving difference for someone in need in your community!

Upcoming Blood Drives

Norman Regional hosts three blood drives (one at each campus) every quarter. To find out when the upcoming blood drives are or to schedule an appointment at the blood drive, please click here. Just enter in your zip code or a Moore or Norman zip code if you’re not located near here but want to donate here, and a list of upcoming blood drives will appear. Find ours labeled as each location then choose “Schedule” on the right side of the screen to schedule your appointment.

Source of Information: Oklahoma Blood Institute. Learn more at