Norman Regional Health System

For people whose honor it is to work in healthcare, each year brings new challenges and new opportunities. We live in a time and environment in which there is always a need for new and innovative ways of delivering healthcare that meet the needs of a dynamic and vibrant community.

Norman Regional’s healers are the agents of change behind our successes and growth. This 2022 Strategic Plan tells their stories. Those stories include a food pharmacy program that gives patients a “script” of much needed food and nourishment. A doctor using robotic systems to help patients quickly recovery from surgery. A team working to stop tobacco use in both rural and urban areas. And an entire health system rallying to treat patients during a global pandemic — while still expanding its footprint and achieving quality outcomes for patients.

I encourage you to read this plan and learn their stories. We’ve created a book that covers our system of care, our clinical achievements and our contributions to the community and is available for download on this website. You can also view the videos below on some of our stories to hear the agents of change themselves talk about how their actions are making a difference in health and wellness.

Thank you, healers, for the outstanding work achieved this past year and in the year to come outlined within this plan. I look forward to the future and sharing even more stories of success for Norman Regional Health System.

Richie Splitt

President &
CEO Norman Regional Health System


These videos highlight some of the outstanding work that our healthcare experts have been doing and what lies on the horizon. Videos covering new technology, new plans, how our providers are staying up-to-date with the latest discoveries in their fields, and how they are implementing all this information.

New Cardiac Technology Saving Lives of Patients With Elevated Risk of Stroke

Watch Archana Gautam, MD, and Muhammad Salim, MD, introduce and explain how the Watchman device and the TAVR procedure are saving the lives of patients with elevated risk of stroke. They also break down how we can be proactive about our heart health and identify irregular heart activity.

The Latest in Colorectal Surgery, Colorectal Cancer Screening

Recently, the recommended age to get a colonoscopy has been lowered to 45. In this video, Rahal Kahanda, MD, explains these new recommendations and provides a look into how robotic surgeries are helping save patients from colorectal cancer.

Total Knee Replacement with a Robotic Assistant

Robot-assisted surgeries are playing a significant role by helping patients recover more quickly and spend less time in the hospital. . Richard Kirkpatrick, MD, explains in this video how the ROSA knee system is making a difference in his knee replacement patients. Along with information on robotic surgery, Dr. Kirkpatrick also gives expert advice on how we can take care of our bodies to avoid being in his office for orthopedic issues altogether.

Young Family Athletic Center In Norman

There are many exciting things coming for Norman residents, including the Young Family Athletic Center. In this video, James Bond, MD, gives his thoughts on why he believes this athletic center will be an invaluable health and wellness resource for not only athletes, but the general population of Norman as well.

Project Search

Project Search is a training program that provides job skills training for students with disabilities. Learn about how the program has given students a path to start their careers and empowered them to bring value to their workplaces.

Food Pharmacy

Oklahoma currently ranks fifth in the nation for food insecurity, which is why the Norman Regional Food Pharmacy was established. In this video, you can learn about how the Food Pharmacy is helping patients afford important healthcare costs by reducing their food expenses.