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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you interested in an alternative to ER visits for your worst migraine?

    A) If you're interested please click to read more.

  2. What will happen if I would like to try infusion center treatment?

    A) We will obtain an EKG and labs, if needed, to make sure the medications used will be safe for you. This is generally done in advance.

    B) We will obtain preauthorization from your insurance company to make sure they will pay for the medication infusions.

  3. When do I need infusion treatment?

    Infusion therapy is used for a severe migraine that will not go away. It is meant to help avoid costly and uncomfortable ER visits, while providing intravenous (IV) medications that are not available for use at home.

  4. How do I get treatment started?

    A) Call our clinic during business hours and describe your current condition. If we feel you may benefit, we will place the order and make all necessary preparations.

    B) If you feel you might need treatment in the future, it is better to go ahead and obtain insurance pre-approval so that there will be no delays when you have a severe headache needing treatment.

    C) You must be a pre-existing patient of our headache center to utilize these services.

  5. Where do I go for treatment?

    You will proceed to the Norman Regional Health System Porter Campus. You may use the free valet parking available on the Northeast side of the building. When you enter, you will see registration. You will need to sign in there (first time only). The Infusion Center is located on the third floor – take the elevators adjacent to the registration area and follow the signs to the Infusion Center.

  6. What should I expect when I arrive in the Infusion Center?

    A) A nurse will assist you to your treatment area – there are many different treatment stations in the room, each with its own reclining chair and television.

    B) Every effort is made to make you comfortable, though there are other patients and therefore some ambient noise and light is unavoidable.

    • If noise or light is a problem, we will provide you a mask and/or earplugs for your comfort.
    • Your nurse will start a peripheral IV line that will be used to deliver headache stopping medications.
    • Choice of medications is based on what has worked for you in the past, your other medical conditions, any medication allergies or reactions, and the severity of your current headache. Expect to stay for at least several hours, as multiple medications may be required for severe headaches. For particularly refractory headaches, multiple days may be required (you will go home and come back the next day).
    • Please understand that complete headache freedom is not always achievable, depending on the severity and duration of your headache. While headache freedom is always our goal, at least a 50 percent headache reduction is reasonable prior to discharge.